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Dentsply EasyPost Set (24 pcs)

Brand: Dentsply

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Endodontic Posts


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EasyPost is a composite combination of an epoxy resin matrix reinforced with zircon enriched silicon fibres. With a longitudinal modulus of elasticity and a shear strength close to that of dentine. Its mechanical properties are ideal for a homogeneous reconstruction which minimises the risks of root fracture.


Simple preparation procedure

  • Simple preparation by central drilling with a tungsten carbide round bur (followed by progressive reaming with spreading drills and finishing with the corresponding EasyPost precision drill.


  • EasyPost is certified as non-cytotoxic (ISO standard 0993-5). It is chemically inert and biocompatible.


  • Visualisation and post-operative monitoring


  • EasyPost’s properties of chemical adhesion to the sealing and reconstruction composite render the presence of mechanical retention such as metallic pivots unnecessary.

Cylindrical-conical form

  • DENTSPLY Maillefer’s wide experience with pivots enabled the development of pivot dimensions best adapted to the root canal anatomy, even to that of very small canals. The cylindrical part is easy to adjust in length using a diamond disc, and its slightly pointed extremity eliminates any piston effect when sealing.


  • The post must be cleaned with alcohol before insertion in the canal.
  • Avoid reprocessing the post more than once because numerous reprocessing cycles might reduce the useful life of the device and damage the marking.
  • Avoid touching the posts with your fingers after cleaning.
  • Shortening the post should be done outside of the mouth.
  • Dentsply Maillefer recommends the use of a rubber dam



  • These products have to be used only in hospital environments; clinics or dental offices by qualified dental personnel.
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  • Zirconium-Enriched Glass Fibers 60%
  • Epoxy Resin Matrix 40%
  • Flexure Strength 1600 MPa


 One set

    • 1 x 24 posts
    • 3 x drills


  • Simple preparation procedure
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Radio-opaque
  • Canal-adhesion

Directions to use

Step 1.

  • In case of insufficient residual tooth substance (< 4 mm), the EasyPost is needed to support the coronal restoration.

Step 2

  • Pre drilling with a Largo drill, no. 1 or no. 2, depending on the diameter (rotation speed 800-1200 rpm).

Step 3

  •  Precision drilling with the calibrating drill, no. 1, no. 2, no. 3, or no. 4, depending on the case (1000-2000 rpm).

Step 4

  • Rinse and dry the canal.

Step 5

  •  Check positioning in mouth. Please keep a dentine collar of at least 2 mm around the preparation.

Step 6

  •  Draw the post outside the oral cavity using a diamond-tipped disc.

Step 7

  •  Clean and condition the dentine walls with EDTA for 1 minute.

Step 8

  •  Rinse with sodium hypochlorite then dry with air (multifunctional syringe) and large diameter paper points.

Step 9

  •  Clean the post with alcohol.

Step 10

  •  Adhere the tenon (silane does not need to be applied to the post): DENTSPLY Maillefer recommends using a compomer or composite luting cement such as Dyract Cem in conjunction with Prime&Bond + Self Cure. The post as well as the space and access cavity must be treated with Prime&Bond + Self Cure. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The compomer or composite luting cement can be applied in the canal using a rotary paste filler (Lentulo®).
  • Step 11 Insert the post in the canal: please apply some pressure to ensure maximum adhesion.

Step 12

  •  Remove any excess.

Step 13

  •  Crown section: reconstruct a prosthetic false stump. We recommend using a composite core buildup material (e.g. Dentsply Core X™).

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