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Dental Physiodispensers: Advanced Tools for Implant Surgery

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About Dental Physiodispensers

Physiodispensers have revolutionized implantology. Not only are they essential for embedding implants securely into the bone, but their design also prioritizes patient safety and infection prevention. Popular models such as the Marathon Ki-20, NSK Surgic Pro, Coxo C-Sailor Pro, and Bien Air Chiropro L highlight our vast range, ensuring you have plenty of choices when seeking the perfect fit for your practice.

Top Physiodispenser Recommendations:

1. Woodpecker Implanter Physiodispenser Fiber Optic: A standout in the physiodispenser category, this model garners top reviews for its exceptional dental implant motor and contra-angle handpiece. Designed to enhance a dentist’s working experience, it minimizes hand fatigue and operates almost silently with its premium Swiss motor. Its longevity and consistent performance are features that dental professionals will truly appreciate.

2. W&H ST923 Implanted Physiodispenser: Setting a benchmark in quality, this physiodispenser showcases an array of impressive features. The user-friendly design complements its powerful motor that offers a torque of 5.5 Ncm. Additionally, it boasts a versatile speed range, from a gentle 300 rpm to a powerful 40,000 rpm at the motor. The automatic thread cutter function further adds to its appeal.

3. Eighteeth MotorSurg Dental Implant Unit Physiodispenser: A rising star in the dental equipment scene, the Eighteeth MotorSurg unit seamlessly blends functionality with modern design. This physiodispenser ensures precision and stability during dental implant procedures. With an ergonomic build, it allows dentists to operate with less effort and increased accuracy. Its motor is meticulously crafted to ensure optimal speed and torque, catering to a wide range of dental procedures. Moreover, the durable construction promises a lasting lifespan, making it a valuable investment for dental practices.

Why Dentalstall Physiodispensers Stands Out

Dentalstall takes pride in offering only genuine products, directly sourced from leading manufacturers like Eighteeth, W&H and Woodpecker. With us, you are guaranteed to receive original products that pass the highest standards of quality and performance.

We cater to a diverse clientele, from individual practices and home care services to hospitals, clinics, pharma companies, and clinical research organizations. Our dedication to excellence has solidified our position as the preferred choice for dental professionals seeking reliable physiodispensers.

Features of Our Physiodispensers:

  • Precision Control: Adjustable speed and torque settings mean more control during procedures.
  • Versatility: Multiple operating modes cater to various bone types and surgical demands.
  • Hands-free Operation: Foot pedals allow surgeons to maintain sterility during operations.
  • Digital Interface: Real-time feedback ensures the right adjustments are made during surgeries.
  • User Comfort: Ergonomic designs prevent fatigue during long procedures.
  • Efficient Maintenance: Easy disassembly ensures thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Discover the Best Physiodispenser Brands

Experience hassle-free online shopping with Dentalstall. We feature renowned brands like Eighteeth MotorSurg, W&H Implantmed, and Woodpecker Implanter, each tailored for diverse surgical needs.

FAQs about Physiodispensers:

  • What is a physiodispenser?
    A physiodispenser is a specialized dental device used to embed implants into the bone. Distinct from conventional dental instrument sets, the major benefit of a physiodispenser is its ability to have nearly all of its components sterilized. This crucial feature helps prevent the transmission of infections to the surgical site.
  • What’s a contra angle handpiece?
    A contra-angle handpiece adjusts the tool’s shaft for better accessibility.
  • What is the cost of a physiodispenser in India in 2024?
    Prices can range from INR 60K to INR 420K, based on specifications and brand. Check Dentalstall for current pricing.
  • What purpose does a contra angle serve?
    Contra angles provide better reach within the mouth, especially in difficult areas.
  • Where can I purchase a physiodispenser online in 2024?
    Dentalstall is your top online destination for reliable and reasonably priced physiodispensers.
  • Which are the best affordable physiodispensers in 2024?
    Dentalstall offers a curated list of top-rated yet affordable models for your perusal. Here we are listing some best physiodispenser as of 2024, available in the Indian market to assist you in finding the best deal and model.

    Buy Physiodispenser online in 2024:-
    1. Woodpecker Implanter Physiodispenser Fiber Optic
    2. W&H ST923 Implanted Physiodispenser
    3. Eighteeth MotorSurg Dental Implant Unit Physiodispenser
  • What does the contra-angle handpiece color coding signify?
    The colors indicate different rotational speeds: red is faster, green is slower, and blue matches the motor speed.
  • What benefits do physiodispensers offer?
    They provide precision, efficiency, user comfort, and predictable surgical outcomes, enhancing overall patient experience.

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