Avue Core Nano (2 Syringe x 5ml) DA0601

Dual Cure Flowable Composite with Nanotechnology And Zirconium Dioxide

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AvueCore Nano is a dual-cure highly radiopaque flowable composite material with Nano-particles (zirconia and fluoride) for Core Build-up and Cementation of posts. Due to its excellent mechanical properties final crown preparation can be carried out more precisely. AvueCore Nano is also suitable for cementing crowns and bridges if there are no high aesthetic requirements.

Delivered in 1:1 Smartmix – Syringes AvueCore Nano can be easily dispensed and applied directly. AvueCore Nano exhibits a short setting time without high heat generation. The dual cure properties enable the dentist to carry out cementations and core build-ups in cases where a light cure cannot be guaranteed to be sufficient.


Composite incorporating Nano zirconia Dioxide and Nano Calcium Fluoride.


Post Cementation

Core Build- ups

Cementation of crowns and bridges


Core Cementation by AvueCore Nano

Crown Build-up by AvueCore Nano









Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg



  • Highly Radiopaque
  • Adequate film thickness and flexural strength.
  • Reinforces the tooth.
  • Optimal handling properties



  • 2 x 5ml Syringes
  • Accessories

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

Preparing the Avue core nano Smartmix-syringe

Remove the cap of the avue core nano smart mix-syringe and throw it away (do not use it again ). It is replaced by a special 1:1 mixing Cannula. Turn the cannula 90° until it looks in position. The material is now ready for application. Discard the first 2-3mm of the extruded material (about the size of a peppercorn). This must be Done for each new mix.

Post Cementation

prepare the selected post according to manufacturer directions. Avue core nano is Applied into the prepared root canal and onto the post. Sear the post carefully into the canal and maintain firm pressure until the post is seated. Avenue core nano light cures the within 3:30 minutes, for post stabilization doctor can light cure the coronal part of the cemented post for 20 seconds. As soon as avue core nano has set proceed with the core-build-up procedure.


Place the mixing cannula directly into the preparation and press out the material. It is automatically mixed when dispensed with slight and even pressure. The filling should occur from the bottom upwards to prevent voids. To facilitate placement of avenue core nano place a matrix band or use material can be contoured by using composite instruments. A flat-ended avue core nano sets in 3:30 minutes or can be light-cured for 40 seconds can be used to test the complete set of avue core nano. Matrix band/core former should not be removed before the material has been set

Final crown preparation on the avue core nano can be carried out by using crown preparation bur. The preparation should include at last 1.5mm of sound tooth structure around the circumference of the preparation for the desired ferrule effect.

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3890.004650.00 (-16%)

Avue Core Nano (2 Syringe x 5ml) DA0601

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