Bestodent Chair 4 LED Light

Sensitive LED Lamplight for dental clinic equipment dental chair accessories 4 Bulbs LED Operating Light

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Bestodent Dental Chair 4 LED Light is Brand new, High brightness, Professional 4 LED dental light for traditional ceiling type dental chair unit.


  •  Used as a light for dental chair accessories as dental clinic equipment.
  • Easy and convenient to clean, install and uninstall.
  • 4 LED lamp adopting the infrared non-contact proximity switches and step-less adjustable control.
  • Using a mechanical quick release handle, which contributes to easier cleaning and the position can be multi-angle adjustable.
  • With triaxial linkage design, we can get the best luminance position and angle when operating.
  • Wave the hand slowly in near front (about 0-100mm) of the Infrared sensor to turn On or Off the lamp.
  • A big lens with features of unique, elegant, gentle external design.
  • Eight-level brightness is available for options. Inductive or manual control.
  • 4 led WHITE light bulbs.
  • The imported durable LED bulb.


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg



  • Free movement of 3 axis, positioning the light to where you want.
  • Removeable handles, easy to clean and easy to mount and dismount.
  • Optimized color of light, color temperature range is 5500-6500K, similar just like the natural light from your window.
  • The power of light from 450-550 is limited to minimize the effect on the sensitive material used for the restoration.
  • Factory calibrated at 700mm(the average length of the human arm).
  • A precise 80X160 light patterned with uniform intensity is produced.
  • Outside the light pattern, there are 50% lower illustration level compare to the specified requirement in ISO standard-illumination occurs only where you want it to in the oral cavity, not in the patient’s eyes.
  • With 4 led cold-light lamps.



  • 1 X Dental Chair 4 LED Light (Handles are not included)

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6975.0010000.00 (-30%)

Bestodent Chair 4 LED Light

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