Dentsply Sirona Xios XG Supreme RVG Sensor

  • Dental RVG Sensor with on-site easy to change cable feature.

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Excellent Images for Optimal Patient Care

Excellent image quality is just the beginning with the Xios XG Supreme intraoral sensor. With a number of enhancement options and the ability to easily adjust your images to support your individual preferences, you get more than just a sensor; you get an intraoral solution. Equipped with multiple sensor sizes, cable lengths, and connectivity options, you truly have a tool that adjusts to you, not the other way around.

With 33 lp/mm* and a CSI scintillator, the Xios XG Supreme sensor provides a reliable partner for any practice. High-quality images with the convenience of immediate availability on your computer for diagnosis

Proven image sharpness

Outstanding image quality is just the beginning with Xios XG Supreme intraoral sensors. The dynamic sharpening slider allows you to adjust your diagnostic settings in terms of sharpness. Additional slider options are available for modifications in brightness and contrast. After respective configuration, the images are displayed in an examination-optimized way for your diagnosis, saving valuable time in your practice. With just the click of your mouse, you get the right image for every treatment situation and ultimate clinical support.

Easy-to-change cable

Taking less than a minute, the exchangeable cable offers the ability to change connectivity options, change cable length and replace a damaged cable on-site, guaranteeing optimum investment security. Check product images for representation.

Filtering enhancements

With Xios XG Supreme sensors you have the option of five different filtering options: General Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics, Restorative and Hygiene. These clinical-specific views are designed to optimize your diagnosis, enhancing the image to suit your needs

Sensor sizes

  • Size 1: Single tooth images for smaller adults, patients with a shallow palate and bite wings for larger children.
  • Size 2: Adult bite wing and single tooth images.


Used to produce images immediately on the monitor post-exposure.


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Dentsply Sirona Xios XG Supreme RVG Sensor (USB connectivity) Size 1, Dentsply Sirona Xios XG Supreme RVG Sensor (USB connectivity) Size 2



Excellent Image Quality

  • Xios XG Supreme provides a theoretical resolution of 33 lp/mm and a 15 μm pixel size delivering superb image quality without the additional wait time caused by a developing or scanning process.

Multiple Options to Fit Your Treatment Rooms

  • Xios XG Supreme has been designed for true modularity to support your specific way of working, offering 2 sensor sizes (1 and 2). Only USB connectivity variant is available in India.

Robust Design and Security of Investment

  • The Xios XG Supreme intraoral sensor has been engineered and tested to withstand years of regular daily use, ensuring a long product life cycle. The sensor’s durable design results from the use of premium materials and high-standard production processes. Each sensor is equipped with a reinforced cable and an additional replacement cable.

Chairside Imaging

  • By integrating your X-ray generator and sensors with your treatment center, you can truly leverage the concept of complete chair side dentistry.



Intraoral sensor kit – 1


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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. (04 Reviews )

    by Dr. Arjun Gupta

    Great experience. Very useful Xios XG Supreme intraoral sensor with excellent image quality

  2. (04 Reviews )

    by Dr. Sunil

    affordable prices and original product i found on Dental stall

  3. (04 Reviews )

    by Dr. Amanpreet Singh

    The Dentsply Sirona Xios XG Supreme RVG Sensor is a remarkable piece of technology. It provides clear and crisp images, making diagnosis much more accurate. Very satisfied with the product!

  4. (04 Reviews )

    by Dr. Preeti Khanna

    An excellent product! The Dentsply Sirona Xios XG Supreme RVG Sensor provides high-resolution images which are crucial for effective treatment planning. Definitely a must-have in every dental clinic.

Starting at: 190000.00 (-37%)

Dentsply Sirona Xios XG Supreme RVG Sensor

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