Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Kit & Refills

Contouring instrument with special foam pad attachments

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Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Kit 639791AN 8090.0010954.00
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Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Instrument (Double Ended) 646004AN 4395.006040.00
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Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Refills 4mm Pack of 60 639792AN 4395.004600.00
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Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Refills 6mm Pack of 60 639793AN 4395.004600.00 Out of stock


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OptraSculpt Pad

  • Foam pad attachments for non-stick, mark-free contouring
  • Two pad sizes for efficient contouring of direct veneers and large-surface class III and IV restorations
  • Reference scale on the instrument handle for recording the axis alignment and the width of the anterior teeth
  • Optimum working angle for the anterior region

OptraSculpt are contouring instruments for the efficient contouring of composite restorations

The contouring and shaping of state-of-the-art high-quality dental composites is a challenging task. Apart from other factors, it significantly influences the long-term success of the treatment, since the correct anatomical shape of the restoration is crucial to the overall health of the chewing system. The occlusal design is important for the proper functioning of the masticatory system. Correctly designed proximal marginal ridges facilitate the cleaning of interdental spaces. Moreover, smooth restoration surfaces minimize the accumulation of plaque, and carefully created margins reduce the occurrence of secondary caries.


  • Suitable for adapting, shaping and contouring uncured packable composite and compomer materials in Class III, IV and V restorations and direct laminate veneers.


  • The non-stick surface of the foam pad attachments prevents the adhesion of composite resins.
  • The instrument does not leave any marks and therefore ensures the creation of even surfaces.
  • The reference scales on the instrument handle ensure professional esthetic results.


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg



  • Ivoclar Optrasculpt Kit
    • 120 x Optrasculpt Pads (4mm – 60 each & 6mm – 60 each)
    • 1 x Instrument


    Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Refills 4mm Pack of 60  639792AN:

    • Pack of 60 Optrasculpt Pads ONLY (4mm Pad size)


    Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Refills 6mm Pack of 60  639793AN:

    • Pack of 60 Optrasculpt Pads ONLY (6mm Pad size)


    Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Instrument:

    • 1 x Optrasculpt Pad Instrument Pads ONLY (Single Ended)



Easy adaptation:

  • Non-stick properties: reduce the stickiness of the composite versus the instrument
  • Compatibility: attachments are suitable for both instruments
  • Working angles are adjusted to the anterior and posterior regions

Professional esthetics:

  • No marks left by the instrument on the restoration surface
  • Reduction of air inclusions in the composite during application
  • Homogeneous surface texture

High efficiency:

  • Efficient, easy contouring due to specially adjusted attachment shapes
  • Reduced effort in finishing and polishing

Directions to use

Directions to use

Application in the dental office


  • Select the appropriate OptraSculpt or OptraSculpt Pad attachment, depending on the size of the restoration and the area in which it will be employed


  • Remove the attachment from the packaging either directly or indirectly (e.g. using sterile tweezers), ensuring freedom from contamination


  • Then insert the attachment into the ring-shaped end of the hand-held instrument


  • The colour-coded OptraSculpt attachments are supplied correctly aligned in refill boxes, so that they can be taken up directly with the instrument


  • To attach the disc-shaped OptraSculpt Pad attachments, place them flat on a firm, contamination-free working surface.

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Starting at: 4395.00 (-27%)

Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Kit & Refills

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