Shofu Hy-Bond Glass Ionomer CX-Smart Set

  • Glass Ionomer Luting Cement.

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Hy-Bond Glasionomer CX-Smart is a truly biocompatible contemporary luting glass ionomer that guarantees reliable cementation for lasting restorations. Both the glass and liquid polymer components in the CX-Smart formulation have been modified to enhance the working and handling properties for an easier, cleaner application.
HY-BOND GLASIONOMER CX-Smart is a glass ionomer cement for permanent cementation of cast metal and porcelain fused to metal crown and bridge restorations as well as metal orthodontic appliances.
  • Cementation of crowns, bridges and inlays.
  • Cementation of orthodontic (metal) brackets and bands.


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Shofu Hy-Bond Glasionomer CX-Smart 1-1 Set, Shofu Hy-Bond Glasionomer CX-Smart -Mini Set.



  • Chemically bonds to tooth structure to ensure higher bonding strength
  • Fluoride Release & Biocompatible.
  • Low film thickness of just 12μ
  • Minimum odour and virtually no post-operative sensitivity
  • Improved fracture toughness and low solubility for intra-oral durability of the restoration
  • Provides an excellent marginal seal and prevents microleakage
  • Exhibits high translucency for aesthetic cases
  • Long working time with a net setting time of 4 minutes
  • Change of colour from a light pink to colourless upon setting, for ease of identification and application.
  • Easy to manipulate and remove excess cement.



  • 1 x 15gm Powder
  • 1 x 8.6ml Liquid
  • Mixing Pad.

Directions To Use

Directions To Use

STEP1- Remove temporary material

Thoroughly remove the temporary filling materials. Rinse with water and dry.

STEP2- Pulp capping

In cases where the cavity is deep, application of calcium hydroxide

STEP3- Prepare the restoration. Clean the area to be cemented.

STEP4- Dispense the powder/liquid in standard ratio- 1.6g/1g

STEP5- Mix the prescribed powder liquid ratio on the mixing pad using plastic spatula for 20seconds.

working time 3min 30 sec

setting time 7 min

STEP6- Remove excess cement using an instrument.

when the excess material exhibit rubbery elasticity ( 2min 30sec- 3min 30 sec) remove it with the instrument.

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Starting at: 1290.00 (-10%)

Shofu Hy-Bond Glass Ionomer CX-Smart Set

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