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Zirc Mr. Thirsty One Step (Retractor Cum Suction)

Brand: Zirc

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  • Bite block+Tongue retractor+Suction

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Mr. Thirsty One Step is a hands-free isolation device that evacuates and retracts the tongue/cheek giving the practitioner an unobstructed view of the quadrant.



  • Improved patient safety.
  • Mouthpiece acts as a shield to the airway.
  • Improved patient comfort.
  • Bite block allows jaw to rest and continual suction keeps airway free from saliva and debris.


  • Provides a dry work environment giving a clear, unobstructed view.
  • Your Assistant is a revenue generator.
  • When only suction is needed, leave it to mr. thirsty®.
  • The Assistant can increase production and revenue doing other important tasks such as: taking x-rays, bleaching, placing composite resins, taking digital impressions, treatment planning, etc.


  • Suction is no longer your main tool. mr. thirsty® one-step allows you to better assist the doctor and perform other revenue-generating duties.
  • With the extra free time, you could get the next operatory ready, manage sterilization, or spend time on patient education.


  • Works efficiently by not stopping repeatedly to use the saliva ejector.
  • Bite block keeps the patient’s mouth open during procedures.
  • Manages patients tongue for a less obstructed view
  • A hand free isolation device that retracts, isolates and evacuates.
  • Work continuously without the repeated use of suction
  • Ready to use and 100 percent disposable
  • Comes in two convenient sizes
  • It can be trimmed for a custom fit


  • Acts as a shield to patient airway
  • Provides a dry working environment for practitioner
  • Connects directly to HVE valve
  • 100% disposable
  • No maintenance needed
  • Comes pre-assembled


Small/Large : 1 Piece


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