Dental Chairs

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Dental Chairs

The dental chair is a dental equipment on which a patient sits, and a clinician can easily operate or treat him/her by looking directly into the patient’s mouth.

A dental chair comprises of an electrically operated, retractable patient seating chair to which compressed air, water line, micromotor, spittoon bowl and an overhead light is attached. A dental chair is also accompanied by a dental operator stool on which the clinician sits while handling the patient procedures.

However, dental chairs were not always as sleek and sophisticated as they are today. In fact, it wasn’t until the early 1700s that dental chairs were even invented. Previously the dentist would hold the patient’s head between his or her knees while they sat on the hard floor having their teeth examined.

The first real dental chair was invented in 1790 by an American Dentist, Dr Josiah Flagg. Over the past few decades, dental chairs have evolved from basic wooden chairs to highly technologically advanced seats that provide optimal comfort and versatility.


Parts of the Dental Unit:

Dental Chair

The dental chair is the portion of the dental unit where the patient sits during consultation and treatment procedures. It is the most important component of the dental unit as patient comfort is of utmost significance in dentistry

The dental chair consists of a control system to move the chair upward, downward, forward and backward as per the convenience of the clinician.

The headrest is for support and comfort of the patients. It can be tilted forward and backward.

The backrest and armrest on the chair are adjustable and body contoured.

Dentist Stool

The design of the dentist stool is important. It should be sturdy and well balanced to prevent tipping or gliding away from the dental chair.

It should be well padded with cushion and should be adjustable upward and downward.

A well-designed stool increases the clinicians’ comfort and reduces fatigue.

Operating Light

The operating light is used to illuminate the mouth of the patient sitting on the dental chair. The operating lights range from QTH lights to LED lights. The newer versions of dental chairs come with LED lighting technology incorporated into the operating light. LED lights have longer durability than the conventional halogen lights.

The lights contain dimmer switches to adjust the intensity of light.

Delivery Unit

The delivery unit of the dental chair is a movable part that has a bracket table to place the instruments and other materials, a panel with commands for the dental chair and handpieces, provisions for dental handpieces, an x-ray viewer, water control and a pressure gauge. The delivery unit must be designed to produce maximum efficiency. Some advanced dental units also have provisions for light cure units incorporated into the delivery unit itself. The x-ray viewer present in the delivery unit is used to assess and interpret radiographic films.

Foot Control

The dentist uses the foot control on the dental chair to carry out various functions. The handpieces are controlled by pedals. These pedals deliver electromagnetic signals or highly compressed air to handpieces that are powered by electricity or air, respectively, when they are pressed on.

Other components of the foot control are also designed to let the user move the dental chair with their feet. Advanced dental chairs incorporate controls for other aspects of the dental chair such as the operating light and water supply.

Suction Cannulae

The suction cannulae draws a large amount of water and saliva into them. They’re commonly used during dental cleanings, oral surgeries and cosmetic treatments to keep patients’ teeth and mouth dry. They maintain a constant static vacuum pressure and depending on the volume of liquid to be suctioned, there are low volume and high-volume suctions devices.


Also known as the spittoon, is a basin-like receptable for the patient to spit saliva from the mouth during dental procedures. It is provided with water pipe supply to clean the bowl and push them toward the drain. Disposable cups kept on the holders are used by the patients to take in water during the dental procedures.

Optional Accessories

With various advancements, there are a variety of accessories that can be attached to the dental unit to make it more complete. The most typical accessory is an LCD monitor, which is connected to a dental unit’s stationary arm with a stand. An intraoral camera can be used in conjunction with this LCD display.

Dental Chair Features

The best dental chairs should have a thin backrest, swivel, ergonomic, soft padding, programmable positions, double-articulating headrest, magnetic headrest, movable armrest for easy patient entry/exit, seat tilt, and footswitch or touchpad.

Different Types of Dental Chair

Portable Dental Chair

  • It can be carried anywhere.
  • Usually used in community dentistry.

Non-Portable Dental Chair

  • It is non-movable as a wide base is attached to the floor.
  • It is used as a dental clinic chair.

Types of Non-portable dental chair

General Dental Chair

  • It is used as a patient chair for clinic
  • It is the most common type of dental chair used by dentists.

Kids’ Dental Chair

  • It is used by pediatric dentists especially for the kids to keep them happy and interested, since they are not easy to handle.

Exodontics Dental chair

  • Also called surgical dental chair.
  • It is used by dental surgeons for surgery or tooth extractions.

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Dental Chairs FAQs

  • How to choose a dental chair in India?

Your dental practice will only be a success if every piece of equipment in your dental office is functioning properly. Hence, it’s critical to select dental chairs that are at once comfortable, functional and reliable.

You want to have chairs that are ergonomically designed to help you in doing your job correctly and to keep your patients comfortable. In addition, the chairs should complement the style and decor of your office.


  • What are the qualities of a good dental chair?

Before investing in a dental chair in India, ask yourself these questions for quality check:

  • How stable is the chair?
  • Does the bracket table resist dents, scratches, and corrosion?
  • How does the chair move and feel?
  • How easy is it to position the chair?
  • Is the chair built to last?
  • Does the chair you’re considering have a reputation for quality?
  • Is it backed with a solid warranty?
  • Choose a manufacturer with a history of creating products that are durable, reliable, easy to maintain, and that will support you with service and parts for years after your purchase.


  • What is the price of dental chair in India?

The average dental chair price in India is ₹1,119,98.


  • How long should a dental chair last?

The average lifespan of a dental chair is about 15 years.


  • What is the weight limit for a dental chair?

The normal weight limit for most of the dental chairs is 20 stones, and allowances might need to be made to safely treat patients whose weight exceeds this.


  • Where can you buy dental chairs online?

Buying a dental chair in India is a serious investment, with so many choices available within the market. For dental chair online shopping is your solution. We have a special team of experts to guide you through every step of the way. Dentalstall creates the go-to platform for dependable discovery of higher quality products and their best prices.


  • What is the main usage of a dental chair?

A Dental Chair is a specially designed medical device intended to support a patient’s body when a dental procedure is being performed on them by a dentist.


  • What is the difference between dental unit and dental chair?

Dental units are often incorrectly called dental chairs, but in reality, a dental chair is one of the components of a dental unit. This is where the consultation takes place. Other components may vary depending on the dental unit, but generally almost all dental units are equipped with a suction device and an instrument holder for treating patients.