What is Endodontics?

Endodontics refers to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental pulp and surrounding tissues. “Endo” is the Greek word for “inside” and “odont” is Greek for “tooth.” Endodontic treatment, or root canal treatment, treats the soft pulp tissue inside the tooth. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in saving teeth. Tooth pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels and other tissues inside each tooth. This connective mesodermal tissue plays an important role in development of teeth.


Endodontists require a variety of dental products to perform a successful treatment. These dental equipments are classified variously. These include a variety of endodontic files, obturation materials, endodontic sealers, post system, endodontic handpiece and more. Root canals are complex dental procedures that require a variety of specialized tools. Your endodontist may use some or all of the following during your root canal procedure.

  • Endodontic access burs

    Endodontic access burs are used to open the top of the tooth in order to access the canals for cleaning and obturation. These burs can be diamond or carbide and they should be able to cut through enamel and dentin to expose the roots. Round burs are used for cavity preparation and creating access points, but they can also create undercuts and channels for blades during dental extraction. Cross-cut tapered fissure burs are extremely efficient at cutting, which means there’s less debris.

  • Endodontic access kits

    The Endo Access Kit is a set of eight rotary access instruments designed to provide excellent precision, organization and efficiency. Designed by Dr. Ruddle, West and Machtou, these instruments will allow you to initiate, progressively expand and finish access preparations. The convenient Endo Access Kit provides an economy of burs to initiate, progressively expand, and completely finish any access preparation. Although only 2 or 3 burs are typically required to access any given tooth, this 8-instrument set is designed to improve your organization, precision and efficiency. Complete endodontic access is essential for predictably successful root canal treatment.

  • Endodontic files

    Endodontic files and reamers are dental surgical instruments used by dentists when performing root canal treatment. These tools are used to clean and shape the root canal, with the concept being to perform complete chemo-mechanical debridement of the root canal to the length of the apical foramen. All K-files are mainly intended for rotary motions inside the canals. On the other hand, H-files are specially designed for shaping canals after they are previously cleaned and enlarged with K-files. They are made out of ground wire and have a tear-drop cross-sectional shape.

  • Endodontic hand files

    Endodontic hand files are instruments used during endodontic treatment to mechanically prepare root canals. Stainless steel hand files (SSHFs) are an indispensable part of the endodontic armamentarium. While more time-consuming and prone to iatrogenic misadventure, globally, SSHFs are still the predominant means to shape canals due primarily to their economy.

  • Endodontic fibre drills

    Fibre posts are manufactured from pre-stretched fibres impregnated within a resin matrix. The fibres could that be of carbon, glass/silica, and quartz, whereas Epoxy and bis-GMA are the most widely used resin bases. Although they do not have the rigidity of a metal post, fibre posts are indicated for: cases where a metal post would jeopardize the esthetical result; at-risk patients who have a past history of trauma to the orofacial region and the placement of a metal post.

  • Endodontic irrigation needle

    Irrigation is a crucial step in root canal treatment. Regardless of the file system being used, up to 35 % of the canal walls remain untouched by instruments1after preparation. Thus, removal of smear layer and biofilm as well as disinfecting the root canal before filling are key for a successful endodontic treatment.
    The Irrigation Needle is designed to complement your endodontic procedure for efficient cleaning and disinfection until the apex. It can be used with our three major shaping solutions: TruNatomy, ProTaper Gold, and WaveOne Gold.

  • Root canal explorer

    This small, pointed tool is used to explore the inside of a tooth once it has been opened by burs so the endodontist can find orifices. Sometimes an explorer may be used to remove small amounts of calcification.

  • Excavators

    Similar to, but longer and sharper than, explorers, excavators remove small amounts of tissue from inside the tooth.

  • Barbed broach

    The barbed broach is used to remove the majority of tissue from inside a tooth. It is inserted into the tissue so its barbs will grab the tissues when the tool is removed.

  • Files and reamers

    Like long, thin drill bits, these tools come in a variety of sizes. They are used gradually, the smallest first, to open and widen the canals so they can be accessed by the next appropriate tool.

  • Ultrasonic instruments

    These tools can be used to uncover calcified canals and remove restorative and endodontic materials from the canal space within the tooth. These instruments operate through vibration and emit a high-pitched sound that can be surprising when they are first turned on.

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  • Dentsply- Dentsply Sirona is an American dental equipment manufacturer and dental consumables producer that markets its products in over 120 countries. It has factories in 21 countries.
  • Pulpdent- Pulpdent is a family owned and operated dental research and manufacturing company established in 1947 and committed to its founding principles of education, prevention and proactive dental care so that people can live healthier and more productive lives.
  • Filaydent- FILAY DENT is a fast-growing company that deals in innovative and high-quality dental products. As we keep working with new clients all over India,
  • Tokuyama- Tokuyama Corporation is a Japanese, Tokyo-based chemical company and the world’s fourth-largest silicon manufacturer. The company was founded as Nihon Soda Kogyo Co., Ltd., a producer of soda ash in 1918 by Katsuhiro Iwai. It changed its name in 1936 to Tokuyama Soda Co., Ltd. and in 1994 to its present name.
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  • Voco- VOCO has now developed into one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. VOCO offers branded products in the fields of preventative, restorative, and prosthetic dentistry which enjoy high renown both in Germany and abroad, often leading the way in the respective fields thanks to their innovative approaches and solutions. VOCO carries out its research, development, and production at its company headquarters in Cuxhaven, Germany, which has expanded steadily since the company was founded.

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