• Dentsply Zelgan Advanced Alginate - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Zelgan Advanced Algi...

    (01 Reviews )
    • Dust-free Alginate Impression Material
    • Dentsply Zelgan advanced is a dust-free irreversible hydrocolloid alginate impression material that can be used to make perfect preliminary dental impressions with excellent reproducibility of the anatomical features of the dental arches.
    • This quality impression material can be used to make dental impressions to fabricate study models, models of the opposing arch and working models for the fabrication of orthodontic appliances, removable prosthesis, and temporary restorations.
    370.00465.00 -20% Off
  • Dentsply Gutta Percha Points 2% Taper - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Gutta Percha Points ...

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    • Dentsply Gutta Percha points
    • High Quality.
    • ISO Sizes.
    Starting at: 298.00 -32% Off
  • Dentsply Protaper Universal Gutta Percha Points - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Protaper Universal G...

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    • Protaper universal gutta-percha points
    • Colour coded (easy identification)
    • Good for both cold and warm obturations


    Starting at: 1195.00 -20% Off
  • Dentsply Spiro Short Barbed Broaches - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Spiro Short Barbed B...

    (01 Reviews )
    • For pulp extirpating
    • The barbed broach is formed from a tapered round shaft by lifting up portions of metal of the shaft almost at a right angle to the shaft.
    • These elevated barbs will engage the pulp tissue and remove it from the canal.
    Starting at: 305.00 -24% Off
  • Dentsply M-Access K-Files 25mm (Hand Operated Files) - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply M-Access K-Files 25m...

    (02 Reviews )
    • For cleaning and shaping of the canal
    • The recommended motion of action is clockwise with rotation at half turn twists.
    • The M-Access K-file works on the “pull” stroke – that is, by scraping the canal walls as it is withdrawn from the canal.
    Starting at: 249.00 -37% Off
  • Dentsply Dycal - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Dycal...

    (02 Reviews )

    Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition

    1650.002000.00 -18% Off
  • Dentsply Reprosil Impression Material - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Reprosil Impression ...

    • Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material
    • Excellent memory, will not distort for accurate models.
    • Easily retrieved from the mouth for patient comfort and doctor satisfaction.
    Starting at: 995.00 -64% Off
  • Dentsply WaveOne Gold Rotary Files Refill - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply WaveOne Gold Rotary ...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Reciprocating Files
    • Increases patient safety,* while reducing shaping time across a wide range of cases**
    • Optimized with enhanced design features by leading endodontists
    Starting at: 3295.00 -38% Off
  • Dentsply Protaper Gold Rotary Files 25mm - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Protaper Gold Rotary...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Rotary Files
    • Enhanced Metallurgy (ProTaper GOLD)
    • Multiple Changing Tapers over each File’s Cutting Blades
    Starting at: 2965.00 -16% Off
  • Dentsply NITIflex K-File - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply NITIflex K-File...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Designed for curved root canals with flexibility, durability, and cutting ability
    • NITIFLEX K-FILE for opening severely curved root canals have outstanding advantages over traditional stainless steel instruments:
    • NITIFLEX files flex to smoothly follow the curve of the root canal.
    Starting at: 1050.00 -16% Off
  • Dentsply Gutta Percha Points 6% Taper - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Gutta Percha Points ...

    (02 Reviews )

    Gutta Percha Points

    Starting at: 350.00 -27% Off
  • Dentsply Gutta Percha Points 4% Taper - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Gutta Percha Points ...

    (01 Reviews )
    • Obturating material.
    • Hand Rolled Gutta Percha Points.
    • High Quality.
    Starting at: 350.00 -27% Off
  • Dentsply VDW C-Pilot Files - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply VDW C-Pilot Files...

    • C-Pilot Hand Files for Curved/Calcified Canals
    • Stainless steel, CC+ handle
    • High bending strength due to a special thermal hardening process
    Starting at: 730.00 -8% Off
  • Dentsply Mini Endo Bloc - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Mini Endo Bloc...

    (01 Reviews )
    • Endo Measuring Instrument Block
    • Measuring accessory for dental use, convenient plastic device for setting a precise working length.
    • These measuring devices take the guesswork out of setting endodontic stops.
    1005.001430.00 -30% Off
  • Dentsply Endo Access Bur - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Endo Access Bur...

    (01 Reviews )
    • Root canal bur (access cavity)
    • Great quality
    • Highly effective
    Starting at: 565.00 -24% Off
  • Dentsply Ceramco 3 Dentine 1Oz - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Protaper Universal P...

    • Paper Points
    • Colour coded (easy identification)
    • Highly absorbent
    Starting at: 2050.00 -18% Off
  • Dentsply Palodent V3 Sectional Matrix System Refills - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Palodent V3 Sectiona...

    • Matrix system
    • When using resin-based restoratives, isolation is essential for success.  The Palodent V3 ring works with the matrix and wedges to create a tight seal around the restorative field, allowing the clinician to confidently move forward into the procedure.
    • Poor contact creation can lead to fractures, food impaction, gingival inflammation and recurrent caries.  The Palodent V3 nickel-titanium rings offer a consistent separation force on molars and premolars, securing the anatomically shaped Palodent V3 matrix against the preparation for a predictable and accurate contact, every time.
    Starting at: 3350.00 -43% Off
  • Dentsply Sirona Calibra Universal Automix Self Adhesive Resin Cement - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Sirona Calibra Unive...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Self-Adhesive Resin Cement.
    5300.007700.00 -31% Off
  • Dentsply Prime & Bond Universal (4ml) - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Prime & Bond Uni...

    (02 Reviews )

    Universal adhesive

    3695.004750.00 -22% Off
  • Dentsply M-Access K-Reamer 25mm - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply M-Access K-Reamer 25...

    • For high quality root canal treatment at an affordable price
    • K Reamers have a triangular cross-section with loose spirals around the flute. Reamers have 2.5 times more cutting efficiency. They have a reaming motion. These are used to ream canals, they cut the canals by inserting into the canal by twisting clockwise one quarter to half turn and then withdrawing i.e penetrating, rotating and retracting.
    Starting at: 350.00 -19% Off
  • Dentsply C+ Files - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply C+ Files...

    • High quality stainless steel file
    • Pyramid- shaped tip for better penetration in canal exploration
    • Available in sterile blisters.
    Starting at: 719.00 -18% Off
  • Dentsply Ah Plus Root Canal Sealant - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Ah Plus Root Canal S...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Root canal sealer
    • Depending on the condensation technique used, thicker layers (master point technique) down to very thin layers (lateral condensation technique) can be achieved. In order to ensure adequate visibility of the filling material even in these thin layers, the radio-opacity has further been increased in AH Plus. This was possible due to using new fillers with a greater absorption capacity.
    • The main objective of this AH Plus root canal filling is to achieve a high degree of tightness. The quality of the root canal filling directly depends on the shrinkage upon setting and the solubility of the material used, as these properties are decisive for the impermeability of the treated root canal.
    5100.006075.00 -16% Off
  • Dentsply WaveOne Gutta-Percha Points - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply WaveOne Gutta-Percha...

    Good quality gutta percha points


    Starting at: 1150.00 -6% Off
  • Dentsply Protaper Universal (Rotary) - Refills - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Protaper Universal (...

    (01 Reviews )
    • NiTi Progressive Tapered Rotary Files
    • Only one instrument sequence, whatever the canal shape.
    • Colour-coded and easy to follow protocol.
    Starting at: 3295.00 -14% Off


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