• Dentsply Esthet-X Hd Syringe - Refills - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Esthet-X Hd Syringe ...

    (01 Reviews )
    • HD Micro Matrix Restorative
    • Esthet-X HD gives you the power to mimic nature and deliver lifelike results for a beautiful smile.
    • It is a high definition composite restorative material that is re-defined to present the ideal combination of beauty and strength for anterior and posterior restorations.
    Starting at: 1837.00 -15% Off
  • Dentsply Palodent matrix system Refills - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Palodent matrix syst...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Sectional Matrix system refills of matrices,rings, wedges, forceps etc
    • Natural contours
    • Ease of placement
    Starting at: 2395.00 -93% Off
  • Dentsply PALODENT V3 INTRO KIT Sectional Matrix System - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply PALODENT V3 INTRO KI...

    (03 Reviews )

    Matrix System

    27995.0034715.00 -19% Off
  • Dentsply Palodent V3 Sectional Matrix System Refills - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Palodent V3 Sectiona...

    • Matrix system
    • When using resin-based restoratives, isolation is essential for success.  The Palodent V3 ring works with the matrix and wedges to create a tight seal around the restorative field, allowing the clinician to confidently move forward into the procedure.
    • Poor contact creation can lead to fractures, food impaction, gingival inflammation and recurrent caries.  The Palodent V3 nickel-titanium rings offer a consistent separation force on molars and premolars, securing the anatomically shaped Palodent V3 matrix against the preparation for a predictable and accurate contact, every time.
    Starting at: 3350.00 -43% Off
  • Dentsply Sirona Calibra Universal Automix Self Adhesive Resin Cement - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Sirona Calibra Unive...

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    • Self-Adhesive Resin Cement.
    5300.007700.00 -31% Off
  • Dentsply Sirona Neo Spectra ST Universal Composite Restorative Eco Kit - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Sirona Neo Spectra S...

    (03 Reviews )
    • Neo Spectra ST is a nano-ceramic, light-cured, radiopaque, universal composite with novel SphereTEC filler technology indicated for both, direct and indirect restorations.
    Starting at: 11195.00 -45% Off
  • Dentsply Spectrum Composite Kit - Dentalstall India

    Dentsply Spectrum Composite K...

    (04 Reviews )
    • Universal Microhybrid Composite Restorative kit
    • Simple and aesthetic
      •  Create lifelike restorations with as little as one single shade: the chameleon effect of Spectrum® helps to obtain outstanding colour reproduction while the enamel-like lustre mimics that of the natural tooth.
    • Easy handling
      • Creamy and non-sticky consistency. Excellent adaptability.
        New innovative syringe:
        • Ergonomically designed  • Less extrusion power needed  • Durable laser marking
    3595.005475.00 -34% Off
  • Dpi Amalgam Capsules - Dentalstall India

    Dpi Amalgam Capsules...

    • Amalgam capsules
    Starting at: 2395.00 -3% Off
  • Dpi Kalsogen - Dentalstall India

    Dpi Kalsogen...

    • Temporary Seal
    270.00350.00 -23% Off
  • Dpi Kalzinol - Dentalstall India

    Dpi Kalzinol...

    • Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement
    225.00300.00 -25% Off
  • Dpi Mercury - Dentalstall India

    Dpi Mercury...

    • For preparing superior dental amalgam
    Starting at: 460.00 -2% Off
  • GC Dentin Conditioner - Dentalstall India

    GC Dentin Conditioner...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Cavity / Dentin Conditioner

    • Cleans the surface effectively for improved adhesion

    • Creates mechanical retention
    685.00775.00 -12% Off
  • GC Equia Forte Bond - Dentalstall India

    GC Equia Forte Bond...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Bond
    • Increased strength
    • Improves aesthetics
    4085.004300.00 -5% Off
  • GC Equia Forte Capsules - Dentalstall India

    GC Equia Forte Capsules...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Glass Hybrid Restorative System
    • Bulk-fill
    • Easy and quick to use
    Starting at: 7760.00 -1% Off
  • GC Everx Posterior - Dentalstall India

    GC Everx Posterior...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Fiber Reinforced Composite for dentin replacement
    • Short fibres prevent and stop the progression of fracture in the restoration
    • Fracture toughness equivalent to dentine and almost double to any composite will bring unsurpassed strength to the restoration
    4695.005400.00 -13% Off
  • Gc Freegenol 1-1 Pkg - Dentalstall India

    Gc Freegenol 1-1 Pkg...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Temporary Luting Cement
    • Eugenol free, no negative effect on polymerization of resin containing materials
    • Short setting time
    2495.002625.00 -5% Off
  • GC Fuji 7 (Powder- Liquid) - Dentalstall India

    GC Fuji 7 (Powder- Liquid)...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Protection Material
    • Effective glass ionomer protection
    • Self-bonding ion exchange and high fluoride release create a strong, acid-resistant, chemically fused layer that will continue to offer protection to the occlusal surface for up to 24 months
    Starting at: 3770.00 -8% Off
  • GC Gold Label Hybrid - Dentalstall India

    GC Fuji Plus RM GIC...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Glass Ionomer
    • Intrinsic adhesion to tooth structure eliminates complex and moisture sensitive bonding procedures
    • Good adhesion to metal, resin and silanated porcelain
    Starting at: 2095.00 -37% Off
  • GC Fuji Varnish (5gm) - Dentalstall India

    GC Fuji Varnish (5gm)...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Protective Varnish

    • Fast drying – Easy to use, Self-cured

    • Protects glass ionomers – during early setting and after final finish
    600.00700.00 -14% Off
  • GC Fujicem Luting Glass Ionomer - Dentalstall India

    GC Fujicem Luting Glass Ionom...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement
    • Cartridge delivery always dispenses the correct ratios
    • Minimizes cement waste
    Starting at: 945.00 -6% Off
  • GC G-Aenial Anterior - Dentalstall India

    GC G-Aenial Anterior...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Anterior Composite Restorative
    • G-ænial Anterior is suited to all application techniques: from mono-shade beauty to a thousands of aesthetics possibilities using a multishade layering.
    • Its unique composition with an internal reflectivity accurately reproduces that of natural tooth for excellent aesthetics with just a single shade
    Starting at: 2995.00
  • GC G-Aenial Universal Flo Syringe Refills - Dentalstall India

    GC G-Aenial Universal Flo Syr...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Flowable Composite
    • Looks like a flowable, behaves like a restorative
    • True innovation
    Starting at: 1295.00 -12% Off
  • GC G-Cem Link Force Kit - Dentalstall India

    GC G-Cem Link Force Kit...

    (02 Reviews )
    • Adhesive Resin Cement
    • Universal indications
    • Uncompromising strength and adhesion
    11500.0012600.00 -9% Off
  • GC G-Premio Bond - Dentalstall India

    GC G-Premio Bond...

    (02 Reviews )
    • 8thGeneration Bonding Agent (Non-HEMA)
    • Zero debondings: High & durable bond to tooth structure and indirect substrates thanks to 3 functional monomers
    • Zero discolorations: Extremely thin film thickness (3µm) and strong bonding layer with high filler content
    4495.004725.00 -5% Off

What is Dental Restoration?

Dental restoration refers to a dental procedure or technique that restores or replaces a decayed and destroyed tooth. This procedure is commonly used in the field of dentistry. It involves certain methods including root canals, dental implants, composite bonding, dental crowns, and even dental fillings. Moreover, there are two major objectives in the field of restorative dentistry which includes: the restoration of the appearance of the natural teeth and most importantly bringing back the proper functioning of the teeth. This procedure ultimately restores your natural smile and helps to avoid or prevent upcoming oral health issues.

Why dental restorations are important?

  • To boost your self-esteem, a missing tooth can badly affect your overall personality, appearance, and confidence.
  • This procedure is considered effective as it helps by filling the cavities or empty spaces in the mouth and keeps the teeth happily shaped and aligned.
  • It maintains good oral hygiene by preventing plaque deposits and related issues.

Ways to protect your dental restorations:

  • Do not chew hard and sticky food items to avoid damage.
  • Floss your teeth thoroughly every day
  • Develop a habit to brush your teeth twice a day
  • Try to use antibacterial or medicated mouthwash to fight bacterial infections

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