SafeEndo ReCreate LC Flow

Light Curing Nano Hybrid Radiopaque Flowable Composite

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ReCreate-LC Flow is radiopaque, high strength and wear resistance light curing flowable composite. It is indicated for restoration in Anterior and Posterior Teeth.

ReCreate-LC Flow is optimal in its viscosity, it exhibits very good wetting and adaptation to cavity walls. ReCreate-LC Flow is used with a Dentine/Enamel etching and bonding system.

ReCreate-Lc Flow is a material which adapts very well to the cavity, helps to avoid air enclosures and accelerates restorations.

Indications :

• Filling minimally invasive cavities of all class
• Filling small Class I cavities and extended fissure sealing
• Filling Class V (Cervical Caries) directly
• V shaped cavities including Root Erosion
• Repair Of Ceramic and Composite Resin Veneers
• Block out undercuts for Impression
• Luting translucent prosthetic and orthodontic pieces

Contraindications :

• Drug idiosyncrasy
• Use with great care for allergic patients with methacylate


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SafeEndo ReCreate LC Flow A2 Shade, SafeEndo ReCreate LC Flow A3 Shade



  • Excellent Flowability
  • Excellent polishing
  • Does not stick to instrument
  • Keeps stable at modeling
  • Excellent radiopacity
  • Fluorescence
  • Excellent handling
  • Low shrinkage, low wear
  • High gloss polishibility
  • Easy adaptation to cavity preparation



  • 2 x ReCreate LC Flow 2.5gm

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

Shade Selection
Clean the teeth to be treated with a fluoride-free cleaning paste.
To select the shade, compare the ReCreate-LC Flow shade-guide with the cleaned tooth (moisten shade- guide and tooth, select shade in daylight).

Cavity preparation:
Cavity preparation should generally be conducted according to the rules of adhesive filling therapy, e.g. minimally invasive to save healthy tooth substance. Bevel enamel margins. Then clean and dry the cavity.

Application :
Let the material reach room temperature before application. Place a matrix on cavities in the approximal area. Using trans- parent matrices is advantageous.
Lock the application cannula onto the syringe with a clockwise turn and apply ReCreate-LC Flow directly. For fillings of more than 2 mm, apply and polymerise in layers.

Conventional polymerisation devices are suitable for light- curing this material. Halogen light devices should have a minimum light output of 500 mW/cm2, LED lamps should have a minimum output of 300 mW/cm2.
The curing time is 10 s minimum per layer. Hold the tip of the curing light as close as possible to the surface of the filling. If the distance is more than 5 mm, the curing depth will be reduced. Insufficient curing can lead to discolouration and pulp irritation.

The filling can be finished and polished immediately after removing the shaping aids (e.g. fine and extra-fine grain diamonds, polishing discs).
During finishing and polishing, the filling must be cooled. The margin of the filling, or even better, the entire tooth should be fluoridated as a final step.

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Starting at: 699.00 (-17%)

SafeEndo ReCreate LC Flow

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