3M Unitek AlastiK Easy-To-Tie Ligature Pack Of 100

Elastic Ligature For Tying Archwire To The Bracket

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AlastiK Easy-To-Tie Ligatures are designed with a 45˚ bend for easy and efficient tie-wing hook up. The unique angled shape reduces the range of movement needed for bracket ligation, improving/decreasing ligation time.

Designed for efficiency and comfort, AlastiK™ Easy-To-Tie Ligatures come in a variety of colors to let patients choose the colors they want for their braces.

  • Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex.
  • All colors are fade resistant for a minimum of one month in artificial saliva, 8% ethanol in water, cottonseed oil and carbonated citrated sodas.
  • One size fits most twin brackets.


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  • Pack Of 100 (Asst)

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3230.006000.00 (-46%)

3M Unitek AlastiK Easy-To-Tie Ligature Pack Of 100

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