Angelus Intermedium

Calibrating ruler for gutta-percha points

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Precision-guaranteed Calibrating ruler for gutta-percha points

Calibration of gutta-percha points and preparation of intermediate-size points


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  • Light and resistant to contact with chemicals
  • Autoclavables Biosafety Guarantee
  • The only instrument that prepares intermediate-size points
  • High Calibration control



  • 1 x Angelus Intermedium

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

Technique for use :

A) Cone Calibration

  • Select the master cone according to the size of the last file used for the root canal
  • Place the cone with slight pressure in the perforation that
    corresponds to the size of the last file (numbers are written on the back side of the ruler)

Verify three possible situations:

  • The cone enters the perforation and the tip reaches evenly the front side surface of the ruler: this
    cone does not need calibration.
  • The cone enters the perforation but the tip does not reach the end of the perforation at the front side surface of the ruler:  this cone is too large; select another.

Important:  After calibration, the margin for error is 0.2mm.

B) Preparation of intermediate sizes of cones

  • Select the master cone and calibrate it according to the previous instructions;
  • Place this cone in the horizontal groove at the lower part of the front side of the ruler;
  • With a new blade in the vertical groove of the ruler, cut the cone tip. Due to the cone taper, the new tip has a larger diameter now. With this procedure, a size 25 cone is converted into a size 27.5

Important: For sizes 60, 70, and 80, two continuous cuts are necessary to obtain the intermediate sizes.


  • Before sterilization, wash the ruler with a neutral detergent and a non-abrasive sponge.
  • Sterilize it in an autoclave (121°C and pressure of 1 atm for 30 minutes) or dry heat (170°C for 2 hours).
  • Use only new blades to cut the cones.
  • Chemicals for radiograph processing may stain INTERMEDIUM.



Ques:  How can an intermediate-size point be prepared?

  • By placing the point in the bottom smaller groove and, with a blade, cutting off its
    tip at the proper mark. For example, a point size of 35 becomes 37.5.

Ques:  How is intermedium sterilized?

  • Because of its composition – high-performance polymer – it may be sterilized
    in dry heat or autoclave.

Ques: Why is the calibration of gutta percha points necessary?

  • Because they are manufactured manually and not standardized.

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2990.003500.00 (-15%)

Angelus Intermedium

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