API Diamond Burs – LG Series

Cool Cut FG Diamond Burs For Tooth Preparation

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API Diamond Burs – LG Series are manufactured from the highest quality steel shanks using exquisite natural diamonds to match international specifications. This advanced manufacturing, using computer-controlled precision engineering, ensures true concentricity and balance, minimizing vibration and potential damage to handpiece bearings and at the same time improving cutting efficiency and product longevity.

The COOL CUT burs are designed with a left spiral groove along the active zone (the diamond coated area). The COOL CUT burs provide advantages for the patient and practitioner: The cooling water is delivered by the spiral grove directly to the contact point between the bur and tooth. The grinding temperature decreases. The grinding is faster and more aggressive. The final result is a very fast grinding, with aggressive material removal, and at the same time a superb surface area quality.


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API Diamond Burs – LG -29



  • Efficient Cutting.
  • Fine Quality Diamond Burs
  • Quality control tested.
  • High precision.
  • Reduced clogging and improved cutting efficiency.
  • Friction grip (FG) standard shank length.
  • Autoclavable.



  • Pack of 5 Burs

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Starting at: 250.00 (-33%)

Out of stock

API Diamond Burs - LG Series

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