API Milling Tool – DC (Arum)

Diamond coated milling tools compatible with arum milling machine

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API Milling Tool – DC (Arum) includes high-quality milling bur, accurate tools are optimized to allow your system to run more efficiently. The unique properties of multilayer diamond coatings offer significant performance potentials which are ideal for machining highly abrasive materials such as zirconium oxide. Dc milling tool with cutting edge diameter of 0.6mm to 2.0mm. Larger diameter tools are mainly used for efficently roughing whereas small diameter tools are used for finishing or carving out fissures.

Milling burs are essential tools for milling machines. Additionally, they can extend the lifetime of  milling tools and increase the number of milled units. The coating material comes in contact with the material being milled. It also enables high velocity and preferred depth of cut.


  • Finishing and detailed work with full contour milling of dental prosthetics.


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API Arum DC Zirconia D4x0.6, API Arum DC Zirconia D4x1.0, API Arum DC Zirconia D4x2.0



  • Exceptionally sharp edge, preventing chipping and cracks of teeth
  • Compatible with Zirconia
  • Long life span
  • Minimum risk of bur cracking due to the high tenacity



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Starting at: 3500.00 (-50%)

Out of stock

API Milling Tool - DC (Arum)

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