D-Tech Ceraclip SLB With Wire Set

Self-ligating ceramic brackets with chamfered slot Roth 022 (mesio-distally)

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Ceraclip self ligating ceramic brackets have smooth rounded contours which provide superior patient, comfort with a chamfered slot which allows for greater flexibility and ease of wire engagement. It has a smooth and easy to use sliding cap.  

Hygienic: Radial contours of the T1 follow the natural contours of the teeth, creating natural sluice ways for materia alba to wash away from the braces.

Comfort: Smooth, rounded contours provide superior patient comfort. There are no uncomfortable tie wings to stick out and cause irritation. These features allow lips and soft tissue to adapt comfortably with T1 contours. The TM Tenbrook T1 is the lowest profile self-ligating bracket on the market.

Chamfered slot (mesio-distally): Chamfered slot dimension allow for greater flexibility and ease of archwire engagement. High performance wires are able to deflect in a more radial
manner, enhancing the archwire’s effectiveness in moving teeth efficiently and decreasing permanent sets or kinks in the wire.

TM Rotating cap: Unique and easy to use. The Tenbrook T1 proprietary roating cap allows for easier archwire engagements, by “carrying the wire into the slot”upon archwire engagements. No more “crushing” or scraping the surface of archwires by attempting to close a door, slide or clip. Unique axial design minimizes materia alba and calculus build up around the mechanism. The aids in deflecting material away, not allowing frictional binding of
the cap.
Finishing: Unique slot dimensions allow for wires to “couple” more effectively, aiding in rotational and torque control. The finishing wire matches the T1 slot dimensions (within manufacturing tolerances) almost perfectly, allowing you, the orthodontist, to realize your “true straight wire” prescription. Slot dimensions allow for four-wall contact, making T1 an active bracket for optimum torque control during finishing.


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg



  • Pure ceramic body and clip, highly translucent
  • Mesh design base for better bonding
  • Rounded and polished edges for patient comfort
  • Highly accurate slot
  • Hook on 3, 4, 5

Key specification

Key specification

  • Brand – D-Tech
  • Prescription – Roth
  • Slot size – 022
  • Material – Ceramic



  • 1 x Bracktet kit (20 pcs)
  • Stage 1 Archwires (Alignment wires) –1 x Upper 0.014, 1 x Lower 0.014, 1 x Upper 0.016, 1 x Lower 0.016, 1 x Upper 16×22, 1 x Lower  16×22
  • Stage 2 Archwires (Working wires) – 1 x Upper 0.018, 1 x Lower 0.018
  • Stage 3 Archwires (Finishing wires) – 1 x Upper 17×25, 1 x Lower 17×25, 2 x Upper 19X25, 2 x Upper 19X25

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13500.0015500.00 (-13%)

D-Tech Ceraclip SLB With Wire Set

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