D-Tech CompoFlo Universal Flowable Composite

Universal LC Radiopaque Flowable Composite

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Compoflo Universal is an exceptional dental material that boasts a remarkable combination of high viscosity flowability and shape-holding properties, making it stand out among other composites. With its non-slumping characteristics, it ensures precise application and manipulation during dental procedures. Compoflo Universal is its light curing ability, which allows for efficient and quick curing with the use of appropriate dental curing lights. Additionally, this material is radiopaque, enabling clear visibility on X-rays, and aiding in accurate diagnosis and monitoring of dental restorations. Compoflo Universal incorporates high-end nano fillers in its composition, leading to exceptional mechanical properties and a glossy finish. The nano fillers enhance the material’s strength, durability, and wear resistance, ensuring reliable performance in various clinical situations. Moreover, the excellent gloss achieved with Compoflo Universal helps to create aesthetically pleasing dental restorations, providing patients with both functionality and an appealing smile.


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  • Higher strength than leading flowable composites
  • Highly resistant to wear and highly polishable
  • Handling is similar to a high viscosity flow but final strength is like a highly filled composite
  • BISGMA free
  • Non-slumping
  • Beautiful aesthetics

Key specification

Key specification

Irradiation Time:  Intensity Of Light
10 Seconds 1200mW /cm²
20 Seconds 700mW /cm²



  • 1 x 2.5g Universal Composite Syringe
  • 1 x 2nos Applicator tips

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

  • Clean the tooth surface using pumice and water, ensuring it is free from debris and stains. Perform a standard shade selection to determine the appropriate color match.

  • Prepare the cavity using standard techniques, ensuring a clean and dry environment. Use oil-free air to gently dry the area. For optimal isolation, consider using a rubber dam to protect the tooth from contamination by saliva, blood, or sulcus fluid.

  • Follow general rules of preparative dentistry to protect the pulp and deep cavities, taking necessary precautions.

  • Etch the enamel margins with D tech Etching gel for 20 to 30 seconds. Rinse off the etching gel thoroughly and dry the surface using oil-free air. Apply the adhesive (Bonding) according to the manufacturer’s instructions, being careful not to desiccate the surface.

Dispensing Method:

  • Select the syringe containing the desired shade of Compo-flo.
  • Remove the syringe cap and insert an angled luer lock syringe tip, locking it into place.
  • Place the dispensing tip as close as possible to the prepared cavity.
  • Slowly push the plunger to syringe the material directly into the cavity. Alternatively, dispense the material onto a mixing pad and transfer it to the cavity using a suitable instrument.


  • To ensure complete curing, avoid placing Compo-Flo in layers exceeding 2mm thickness.

Light Cure

  • Use a light curing unit to light cure the Compo-Flo Universal
  • Keep the light guide as close as possible to the material’s surface.
  • Refer to the provided chart for the recommended irradiation time based on the light intensity.

Note: Incomplete curing may lead to discoloration and discomfort. Ensure your light curing unit has proper light intensity. Regularly check the efficacy of the light using a light intensity meter.


  • Remove any excess material and shape the restoration as needed.
  • Finish and polish the surface using standard techniques.



Q: How does Compoflo Universal provide aesthetics?
  Compoflo Universal incorporates high-end nanofillers in its composition, which contribute to its excellent gloss and aesthetics. The material can be highly polished, resulting in aesthetically pleasing dental restorations.
Q: Is Compoflo Universal BISGMA-free?
 Yes, Compoflo Universal is BISGMA-free. It does not contain bisphenol A glycidyl methacrylate, a commonly used monomer in dental materials, making it a suitable choice for patients with specific sensitivities or allergies.
Q: Can Compoflo Universal be layered?
A: To ensure complete curing, it is recommended not to place Compo-Flo in layers exceeding 2mm thickness. Following this guideline will help achieve optimal strength and performance of the material.
Q: Is Compoflo Universal radiopaque?
  Yes, Compoflo Universal is radiopaque, which means it can be clearly seen on X-rays. This feature aids in accurate diagnosis and monitoring of dental restorations.
Q: What makes Compoflo Universal stand out among other dental materials?
  Compoflo Universal offers a unique combination of high viscosity flowability and shape-holding properties, making it easier to apply and manipulate during dental procedures. Its non-slumping characteristics ensure precise placement, and its high strength is comparable to packable composites.

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1250.001500.00 (-17%)

D-Tech CompoFlo Universal Flowable Composite

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