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Ionosit Baseliner prevents micro-gaps, the leading cause of microleakage before they happen. It‘s a fact of life that composites undergo polymerization shrinkage. We rely on adhesives to maintain a strong gap-free bond between composite and dentin, but that doesn‘t always happen. Ionosit Baseliner employs patented controlled expansion technology to reduce the post-polymerization stress which leads to leakage, post-op sensitivity and recurrent decay.


  • Base liner for composite restorations
  • Blocking out of undercuts




Ionosit Baseliner combines the optimum properties of glass ionomers and composites in one material. Ionosit Baseliner expands by approximately 1% and this expansion counteracts the polymerization shrinkage stress of the shrunken composite. This efficiently prevents the formation of marginal gaps and associated bacterial penetration. The dentinal tubules are sealed and the pulp is protected from bacterial influences. This is a reliable and permanent means of preventing pulp damage and postoperative sensitivity. Ionosit Baseliner serves as a stress-breaker for the entire cavity as it counteracts the polymerization shrinkage of the restoration. Structural stress or microfractures in the composite are minimized. This guarantees durable, functionally reliable restorations.



Ionosit Baseliner is applied in a layer of 1 mm thickness between dentin and composite. Ionosit Baseliner releases fluoride and zinc ions. This provides protection at the junction between the tooth surface and the restoration, a particularly vulnerable area. The release of these substances forms a protective barrier for the tooth. The baseliner can be easily applied directly from the syringe.


Dentin Interaction

Ionosit Baseliner is capable of controlled expansion. Thanks to its innovative chemistry, it also forms a connection to dentin. This creates a so-called reaction zone. The crucial advantage: possible gaps created by polymerization shrinkage of the composite material are negated and stress on the dentin interface is reduced.


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  • Unique compensation for polymerization shrinkage stress through controlled expansion
  • Low flexural modulus for even more stress reduction
  • Fluoride release
  • Antibacterial Properties from zinc
  • No complicated handmixing
  • Protects the pulp
  • Seals the dentinal tubules
  • Prevents postoperative sensitivity
  • Radiopaque



1 x 2.5g syringe

Direction to Use

Direction to Use


  • Light-curing units should have an output of 450 nm and should be checked regularly.
  • The light intensity should be a minimum of 400 mW/cm². Place the light as close as possible to the material.
  • Ionosit-Baseliner adheres to metal instruments. Therefore, clean instruments with a paper towel before the material sets
  • Ionosit-Baseliner is light-sensitive. Protect the material from premature activation by ambient light and close the syringe immediately after use.
  • Do not remove the oxygen inhibited layer because it is required for bonding to the next layer.
  • The use of a matrix is recommended. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions for other materials used.

Recommended use

1. Before preparation, clean the tooth and remove all cleaning residue with water spray. Use of a rubber dam is not necessary if moisture can be controlled in another way. Avoid contamination with saliva during the application.

2. Prepare the cavity in accordance with the general rules for adhesive procedures. Bevel the enamel edges. Protect pulp in deep cavities with suitable materials

3. Etch the cavity in accordance with the preferred technique (e.g. Total-Etch). Observe the manufacturer’s instructions for the material used

4. Apply bonding agent (e.g. TECO) in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

5. Ionosit-Baseliner can be used both as a conventional base liner (coating the floor of the cavity) and to coat the entire cavity (stress-breaking function). Apply Ionosit-Baseliner with a brush or ball-pointed instrument in a thickness of about 1 mm

6. Cure for at least 20 seconds with a suitable light unit

7. Place the composite filling material according to the manufacturer’s instructions. DMG recommends the use of EcuSphere.

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Dmg Ionosit Base Liner

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