Fgm Condac 37% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel

Condac 37% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel

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Condac 37 presents excellent results in etching of the enamel and dentin to improve the adhesion of the restorative materials to the tooth.
Condac 37% is an aqueous-based gel containing 37% Phosphoric Acid


  • Etching of the enamel and dentin to improve the adhesion of the restorative materials to the tooth.
  • Precautions and Contraindications
  • Strongly acidic product.
  • During handling of the product, the professional must wear gloves and safety glasses.
  • The patient must use an apron so that there is no contact with the skin or clothing, and also wear safety glasses.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accident, wash with plenty of water and, if necessary, seek a doctor.
  • Avoid handling the product over or very near the patient.
  • In case of contact with the skin and soft tissues of the oral cavity, wash immediately with water.
  • Protect the adjacent teeth with a polyester strip or light-curing barrier (e.g. Top dam) on areas where etching is not desired.
  • Make sure the applicator tip is unobstructed and the syringe is functioning well before starting application of the product.


Additional information

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  • Low viscosity gel with thixotropic properties.
  • Blue pigment that enables visibility and control during procedures.
  • Mixes well with water, which allows to easy removal after procedures.



  • 3 syringes with 2.5 ml each . 3 applicator tips

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

Step 1

Prepare the area that is going to be etched by cleaning and drying it. Protect the cavity with suitable material before the etching, if required.

Step 2
Apply COND AC 37 on the area to be etched and wait for 15 seconds.

Step 3
Wash the surface abundantly with water and dry the cavity so that the dentin is not dehydrated. 



How important is acid etching of the tooth structure?

The adequate enamel and dentin etching and subsequently enamel and dentin hybridism, leads to restorations retention,

enables an adequate sealing, obtaining and remaining tooth structure reinforcement.

How long does the phosphoric acid procedure last?

The phosphoric 30 to 37% acid gel must be applied over the enamel edges and then dentin for about 30 and 15 seconds respectively.

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885.00900.00 (-2%)

Fgm Condac 37% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel

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