GC Solare X (5gm)

  • Composite Restorations
  • Unmatchable aesthetic invisibility
  • 90% of restorations can be completed using a single shade

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SOLARE X has the same great handling you’ve come to love from SOLARE; now it has 60% more radiopacity. SOLARE X simplifies your aesthetic restorations by combining smooth handling, durability and high polishability into a single, universal composite. This product has been designed to provide excellent wear resistance and “natural feel” in the mouth without wearing away opposing enamel.


  • Direct restorative for class I, II, III, IV, V cavities
  • Direct restorative for wedges-shaped defects & root surface cavities
  • Direct restorative for veeners.


  • SOLARE X gives unmatchable aesthetic invisibility

Restorations placed using SOLARE X achieve unmatchable aesthetic invisibility through a remarkable chameleon effect. 90% of restorations can be completed using a single shade.

  • Unmatchable simplicity

SOLARE X is designed with the clinician foremost in mind. A strong, radiopaque anterior/posterior composite with exceptional beauty… yet shade selection is remarkably simple. With an optimal combination of handling and finishing characteristics, placement time is minimised and the final high quality restorations are achieved with unmatchable ease.

  • Unmatchable handling

Optimal adaptation

SOLARE X has just the right amount of flow under pressure, ensuring intimate contact with the cavity walls and floor, for the best possible adhesive interface and marginal adaptation.

Total control, even with a brush

SOLARE X is easy to manipulate and can even be brush contoured. It won’t stick or slump or set up prematurely under the overhead light, giving total control to the clinician.

Self correcting surface

Free-hand contouring is made easier with a remarkable self-correcting feature where small surface voids and imperfections simply vanish leaving a smooth and naturally contoured surface.



  • Unmatchable aesthetic invisibility
  • 90% of restorations can be completed using a single shade
  • Excellent handling giving total control to the clinician
  • Nearly 60% increase of radiopacity compared to Solare
  • Excellent wear resistance – will not wear away opposing enamel
  • Extremely low polymerization shrinkage stress for reduced post-operative sensitivity
  • Activated filler particles strengthen matrix for increased fracture toughness



  • 1 x 5g

Direction to use

Direction to use

Step 1: Cavity preparation. A thin layer of affected dentine has been left directly over the pulp horn to avoid a potential exposure.

Step 2: Enamel margins are selectively etched with 37% phosphoric acid gel for 15 seconds and rinsed.

Step 3: The dentine is conditioned with GC CAVITY CONDITIONER (20% polyacrylic acid, 3% Aluminium Chloride) for 10 seconds, rinsed and gently dried.

Step 4: Fuji IXGP EXTRA is carefully injected onto the conditioned dentine to form the foundation for the sandwich technique. Fuji IXGP EXTRA will chemically bond and seal the dentine surfaces and help stimulate remineralisation of the affected dentine.

Step 5: G-BOND is applied to all surfaces for 5-10 seconds, vigorously air thinned and light cured for 10 seconds. G-BOND will chemically bond to glass ionomer cement, etched enamel and any remaining dentine not covered by gic.

Step 6: Technique option. A thin layer of radiopaque flowable composite can be placed over all internal surfaces to ensure optimal adaptation of composite resin to the bonded surfaces.

Step 7: SOLARE X is placed in incremental layers to reduce polymerisation shrinkage stress

Step 8: Completed composite build up using SOLARE X shade A2 overlaid with shade A1.

Step 9: Good matrix selection and careful composite placement mean minimal finishing and polishing.

Step 10: The completed restoration using a closed sandwich technique.



1. How wear resistant is SOLARE X? How well has it performed in clinical evaluations?

  • It is very wear resistant. Due to the large proportion of nano-sized silica particles in SOLARE X it has a good balance of wear resistance, minimal wear on opposing dentition and a high gloss surface polish. The Catholic University of Leuven has reported 4-year clinical results on wear as part of a trial of hybrid composite materials: “The three hybrid composites showed very acceptable clinical performance and presented enamellike quantitative wear-patterns after 4 years of clinical service.

2. What makes SOLARE X and SOLARE so special?

  • Many local and international evaluators, including independent review organisations have commented on SOLARE’s exceptional handling and beautiful yet simple-to-achieve aesthetics. The chameleon characteristics of SOLARE X are unmatched by any other composite and placement time is reduced thanks to uncanny handling that is both sculptable and brushable, yet never sticky. SOLARE X is rated at the very highest level because it gives clinicians total control to achieve beautiful results simply, quickly and with greatly reduced stress.

3. How should I compare composite quantity when deciding if a composite is good value for money?

  • The quantity of composite should always be measured by volume (ml) as different composites have different weight of formulation and fillers. For example, SOLARE X syringes contain 5 grams of composite, while SOLARE Anterior syringes contain 4 grams of composite – however both deliver exactly the same quantity of composite, 2.7ml.

4. What is the benefit of SOLARE X having a lower modulus of elasticity and flexural strength with a higher fracture toughness?

  • An important strength characteristic in composite is fracture toughness and, compared to traditional hybrid composite materials, SOLARE X has high fracture toughness. SOLARE X is also designed to be more flexible than other hybrids, ie a lower modulus of elasticity. The relationship of these measurements and flexural strength is seen in the diagrammatic representations following; With its good fracture toughness SOLARE X is strong and resilient. A low modulus of elasticity combined with low polymerisation shrinkage means significantly less polymerisation shrinkage stress develops during light curing. For optimal marginal adaptation, reduced microleakage and longevity of restorations this is a highly desirable combination of physical properties.

5. How was the combination of translucency, chameleon effect and radiopacity achieved in SOLARE X?

  • SOLARE X has pre-polymerised fillers containing lanthanoid fluoride nanoparticles. The pre-polymerised fillers contribute significantly to the chameleon effect, while the lanthanoid fluoride fillers allow good transmission of light (translucency) while blocking x-rays (radiopacity). SOLARE X also contains silica nano-particles, pre-polymerised fillers containing silica nano-particles and fluoroaluminosilicate glass fillers.

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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. (02 Reviews )

    by Dr. Pranav Desai

    GC Solare X (5gm) is a versatile composite with excellent handling, polishing, and shade matching capabilities.

  2. (02 Reviews )

    by Dr. Geetanjali Sen

    The superior radiopacity and low shrinkage of GC Solare X (5gm) make it my go-to composite for restorative procedures.

Starting at: 1350.00 (-13%)

Out of stock

GC Solare X (5gm)

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