GDC Metal Suction Coupland Tip (2.5mm) (Aspct3)

Metal Suction Coupland Tip for the evacuation (suctioning) of blood, fluids, and other tissue debris.

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Its principal use is to remove fluid collections and other residues from the operating area during general surgery.
For this purpose, the instrument features a curved profile to reach deep cavities.

GDC Metal Suction Tip (2.5mm) (ASPCT3)

With round corners and depressive holes. Tube attached to a suction system and manipulated by the surgeon for the evacuation (suctioning) of blood, fluids,
and other tissue debris from the surgical site during a general or plastic surgical procedure.

The Coupland surgical aspirator is used for precision suction in the oral cavity to remove blood, saliva, and fragments of tissue and bone.


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560.00826.00 (-32%)

GDC Metal Suction Coupland Tip (2.5mm) (Aspct3)

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