GDC Periotome Set Of 3 Hollow Handle 5mm (Pts3)

Periodontal Instrument to cut periodontal ligaments

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GDC Periotome – Periotomes are dental instruments used to cut periodontal ligaments for atraumatic tooth extractions and dental implant placement. They have thin, sharp blades to facilitate the removal of teeth with minimal damage to surrounding alveolar bone.

Thin sharp blades used to facilitate the removal of teeth with minimal damage to the surrounding alveolar bone by severing the periodontal ligament. May be used wherever an extraction is indicated,but are particularly important when considering the placement of a dental implant.

The Periotome is highly recommended for immediate implant placement cases. The blade is used to sever the gingival fibres and periodontal ligament.

Once a tooth is removed the Periotome can be used to mobilise the soft tissue. Straight blades for anterior teeth and premolars. Angled blade for posterior teeth.

Periotomes includes below given instruments :-

  • Periotome P1
  • Periotome P3
  • Periotome P4


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg



  • Thin blades to sever periodontal ligament easily
  • Sharp and durable cutting edges
  • Premium handle for increased comfort and decreased hand fatigue
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Autoclavable



Periotomes Set of 3 Hollow Handle 5mm

  • 1 x Periotome # 1 (P1)
  • 1 x Periotome # 3 (P3)
  • 1 x Periotome # 4 (P4)

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

  • To Use a Periotome, Place the Blade of the Instrument Down Into the Sulcus, Severing the PDL
  • Lift the Blade Out of the Sulcus & Repeat the Process, Moving Circumferentially Around the Tooth
  • This Will Sever the PDL Except for Where It Connects at the Most Apical Part of the Tooth
  • Afterwards, Use a Periosteal Elevator & Extraction Forceps in the Usual Manner



6 months warranty against rust.

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1550.002490.00 (-38%)

GDC Periotome Set Of 3 Hollow Handle 5mm (Pts3)

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