GDC Root Elevators Heidbrink – Straight Standard (E1)

Helps to Remove carious or fractured roots

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GDC Root Elevators Heidbrink – Straight Standard (E1):- Parts of the elevator

  • Handle: This may be a continuation of the shank or at a right angle to it.
  • Shank.
  • Blade: This part engages the crown or root and transmits force to
    the tooth, bone, or both. The working side of the blade is either concave
    or flat.
    Mechanical principles of elevator use

The work principles as applied to the use of elevators may be that of:

  • Lever principle.
  • Wedge principle.
  • Wheel and axle principle.
  • Combination of these principles.

Clinical uses of elevators:

  • Elevators are used to luxate and remove teeth that cannot be
    engaged or grasped by the beaks of forceps (e.g.. impacted teeth,
    malposed teeth), also badly carious teeth, teeth with heavy filling.
  • To remove old roots and fractured roots and sectioned roots.
  • To loosen, teeth prior to using forceps.
  • To split teeth that have had grooves cut in them, as in separation or
  • To remove small amounts of bone to create a point of application for
    the beaks of forceps, or removal of interseptal bone.
  • Any tooth resisting normal extraction force by extracting forceps.


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  • It is a perfect instrument used in EXTRACTION
  • Ergonomically designed handle –
  • Light in Weight
  • Easy to Grip
  • Less Fatigue on Fingers
  • Corrosion resistance alloy
  • Autoclavable

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

Cuiding principles for use of elevators:
The following rules should be observed when using elevators in

  • Never use an adjacent tooth as a fulcrum, unless that tooth is to be
    extracted itself in the same visit, and the fulcrum should always be
    bony one (alveolar bone).
  • An elevator should always be supported to avoid slippage and
    injury to the patient.
  • Avoid the use of excessive force if the tooth/root resist luxation, by
    gentle rotation, then stop, look for the obstruction to elevation, and deal
    with it.

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520.00800.00 (-35%)

GDC Root Elevators Heidbrink - Straight Standard (E1)

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