GDC Spoon Excavator -1 (EXC133/134)

Spoon Excavator to remove dental caries.

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Gdc Spoon Excavator -1 (EXC133/134)
For cutting and removing the carious dentine of a decayed tooth.
A Spoon Excavator has a spoon-shaped working end used to spoon out dental caries from the prepared cavity. The edges of the working end are sharp.
Coming in various shapes and sizes they can be single or double-ended.
Spoon Excavator Hollow is a restorative instrument it is used to detach debris and decay from cavity preparations.


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  • They are lightweight, unbendable, and reliable.
  • Available in multiple variations
  • Double-ended
  • Autoclavable design

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

Sometimes the material in a tooth cavity is soft and therefore no drill is necessary. Spoon excavators are used to remove this kind of decay.

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195.00300.00 (-35%)

GDC Spoon Excavator -1 (EXC133/134)

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