Irriflex Irrigation Needles

Endodontic needle for root canal irrigation

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The patented IrriFlex design encompasses 2-side vents back to back at the tip to deliver powerful lateral irrigation and a tapered shape to match root canal preparation and increase shear stress along the root canal walls.This unique characteristic gives balanced irrigant expulsion, via two accurate jets, oriented directly to the dentinal walls.The tapered shape of the needle adapts to the shape of the canal. Flow thickness of the irrigant is therefore constant as the fluid moves to the coronal area, which maximises shear forces and the elimination of debris, smear layer and biofilm.

Unlike conventional metal needles, it easily adapts to complex root canal anatomies. The flexibility of the polypropylene body allows the needle to access the apical region without resistance or damage to the dentinal walls.


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Weight 0.1 kg



  • Flexible
  • Efficient
  • Compatible with Sodium Hypochlorite,Chlorhexidine gluconate,EDTA
  • Disposable



  • ¬†Pack of 1 x Irrigation Needles

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

  1. Open the packageby pulling along pre-cut notch for this purpose
  2. Insert the ‘Secure lock’ part of the needle onto the nose of a pre-filled Luer Lock syringe and turn to lock the needle
  3. Ensure that the needle is properly secured.
  4. Irrigate according to protocol.
  5. After use,disconnect the needle,dispose according to local disposal rules.

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129.00165.00 (-22%)

Irriflex Irrigation Needles

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