Maarc D-Vitz Pulp Devitalizer 3gm Syringe

Arsenic free Pulp Devitalizer containing paraformaldehyde & lidocaine

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Maarc D-Vitz Pulp Devitalizer 

Maarc D-Vitz pulp devitalizing paste is a pulp devitalizing pulp that provides powerful pulp devitalizing properties because of paraformaldehyde and lidocaine. This pulp devitalizing paste is arsenic free and you can use it easily. It is used by many doctors. Lidocaine Hydrochloride is an anaesthetic to relieve pain and calm irritation.

D-vitz should be used when a preparation for pulp devitalization is advisable and when an arsenic-free preparation is preferred. The active ingredient is Paraformaldehyde, a coagulant which acts on album and confers the required fibrous consistency to the pulp to facilitate its subsequent extirpation.

It comes in a syringe based dispensing system causing rapid mummification of pulp. It’s optimal consistency makes it even more convenient to apply.


  • For Pulp devitalization.
  • For residual devitalization after removal of non-vitalpulp tissue.


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg



  • Fast acting
  • Safe pulp devitalization
  • Prolonged effect
  • Non toxic
  • Effective pulp necrosis without pain



  • 1 x 3gm Syringe
  • 5 x Applicator Tips

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

  • Eliminate as far as possible, the dentine of the decayed cavity in order to ensure close contact with the pulp.
  • Close contact of the paste with the pulp accelerates the devitalizing process.
  • Insert a pellet of paste into the base of the cavity and seal hermetically with a temporary cement.
  • Devitalization is completed with in five to seven days. After devitalization, a permanent root canal filling can be placed once the pulp is totally removed and pain relief is complete.



Q. What is pulp Devitalization?
A. A procedure that destroys the vitality of the pulp.

Q. When do you use pulp Devitalizer?
A. Pulp devitalizer is used when anesthesia is not sufficient for pulp extirpation.This product should be applied in close contact with the exposed pulp, covered with a cotton pellet and meticulously sealed with zinc oxide eugenol or other temporary cement.

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620.00900.00 (-31%)

Maarc D-Vitz Pulp Devitalizer 3gm Syringe

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