Ormco Enlight Light Cure Adhesive

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Enlight Bonding SystemHighly filled light-cure adhesive. Bis-GMA resin for superb handling characteristics, easy cleaning. Highly active initiater system supports reduced cure times.

Tooth preparation

Place the lip/cheek retractor and saliva ejector in the mouth. prphy the teeth thoroughly with pumice and water. Rinse with water while using a high speed evacuation system. Dry the teeth with air syringe.
Apply the etchant solution to the bonding surfaces with applicator sponges. Gently dab the etching solution : do no rub. A continuous dabbing of fresh solution for 30 secdonds is most effective. Rinse thoroughly with a forcefull air-water spray and suction using high speed evacuator. Maintain a dry field. Do no allowthe patient to rinse or permit contact of the etched enamel with saliva or mucosal tissue.
Dry the etched enamel with clean, dry air, The etched enamel must now have a uniform, dull frostly appearance.

Bonding Procedure

Dispense a small amount of sealant on the mixing pad. apply ortho solo sealant to teeth using the brushes provided. A thin, uniform coating should extent from the gingival crest and vover all of the etched enamel. Replance the cap immediately after dispensing sealant.
Extrude a small amount of  enlight adhesive paste into the base of the bracket pad. After application, clean the tip and replace cap.
Place the bracket onto the tooth surface immediately after applijng adhesive.\
Adjust the bracket to its final position and press firmly.
Remove the excess adhesive from the periphery of the brackets base.
With Demetron’s optilux 501,  Expose the adhesive for 10 second for metal brackets, and 5 second for ceramic brackets. shining the light directly through the bracket bonds ceramic brackets. Divide the curing time and shine the light on the mesial and distal edges of the brackets to bond metal brackets.
Active archwires may be placed immediately after curring the last bracket.

Shelf life and storage

Do not expose materials to intense light or elevated temperatures.
Enlight should be used at ambient temperature.

Caution :

Etching Solution :Contains 37% phosphoric acid solution. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and soft tissue. In case of contact with skin or eyes, flush immediately with water, get medical attention for eyes. Do not take internally.
Sealant and paste : Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with oral tissues and skin. wash skin with soap and water after contact. uncured materials may cause contact dermatitis. if skin irritation occurs, discontinues use. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep containers closed when not in use.


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Ormco Enlight Light Cure Ortho Solo Primer 5 ML, Ormco Enlight Light Cure Adhesive 1 Syringe 4 gm



Ormco Enlight Light Cure Adhesive 1 Syringe 4gms:

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Ormco Enlight Light Cure Ortho Solo Primer 5 ML:

  • 1 x 5 ML Solo Primer

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  1. (02 Reviews )

    by Dr. Arjun Patel

    This Ormco Enlight Light Cure Adhesive is a game-changer. Its curing time is impressive, and it provides an excellent bond. My patients also love it because of its comfortable application.

  2. (02 Reviews )

    by Dr. Geeta Raman

    The consistency and handling of this adhesive are unparalleled. It’s been an essential part of my orthodontic practice. Great product, indeed.

Starting at: 650.00 (-28%)

Ormco Enlight Light Cure Adhesive

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