SafeEndo Socket Cure

Non-resorbable Temporary Socket Dressing Paste.

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SafeEndo Socket Cure

Socket Cure is a fiber paste with a specific odor used for antiseptic treatment of extraction
socket. Socket Cure is not resorbable. Paste washes out of sockets over time, which helps in wound healing. During follow-up, there’s no need to extract paste remains, i.e. no soft tissue traumatizing.

  • Butamben is a local anesthetic, that acts by inhibiting the voltage-gated calcium channels in dorsal root ganglion neurons.
  • Iodoform – antiseptic, possesses a durable antibacterial effect
  • Eugenol enhances its antiseptic effect and thanks to its analgesic benefit, relieves pain
  • Excipients, provide a sustained therapeutic effect


SocketCure is used during:

  • Socket treatment after tooth extraction
  • Alveoalgia prophylaxis
  • Acute alveolitis treatment


  • Iodine or its derivatives allergy
  • Do not use for patients with a blood-clotting disorder
  • Do not swallow


Additional information

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  • Fast and prolonged analgesic effect
  • Strong antiseptic
  • Fast hemostasis and blood clots formation
  • Good consistency – fibrous easy forming paste
  • Fast wound healing
  • No need to remove the paste from the socket (gradually washing)
  • Does not hurt oral mucosa.



  • 1 X 15g Jar

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

  • Lay on a bandage roll a small amount of paste and place it in the socket for 2-6 days, or, make a small pellet of paste and place it in the socket.
  • Do not suture, paste is not resorbable.
  • The medication works for several days.
  • That is important to give the patient a warning not to swallow the paste and not to rinse their mouth hard.

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1298.001575.00 (-18%)

SafeEndo Socket Cure

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