Shofu FX Ultra Bulk Fill Glass Ionomer Restorative

  • Glass Ionomer Cement – Type 9 extra.

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Shofu FX Ultra Bulk Fill Glass Ionomer Restorative is a truly self-adhesive, bulk filling glass ionomer restorative, GlasIonomer FX ULTRA performs  conventional  restoratives  in  its  class,  with  its  unique  new  formulation that provides superior aesthetics, translucency, lasting caries resistance and stability.GlasIonomer FX ULTRA exhibits high initial reactivity and rapid maturation process that virtually equalizes refractive indices of the glass core and the matrix to provide a remarkably stable, strong, translucent and fluoride-rich restoration.



  • Ideal paediatric & geriatric restorative
  • Non-load bearing Class I & II cavities
  • Class III and Class V cavities including
  • Cervical erosionsRoot Abrasion and Wedge shaped defects
  • Provisional or transient restoration
  • Bases, Core build-ups and Sandwich technique restoration
  • ART and Minimally invasive restorations


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Fast And Easy Bulk Placement

  • Rapid interaction of powder and liquid assures an easy, smooth and fast non-tacky mix that is easily adapted to bulk fill in a single step.

Remarkable Translucency With Exceptional Shade Stability

  • GlasIonomer FX  ULTRA shows negligible change  in  colour  and  translucency  with time,  ensuring  greater  aesthetic  stability as  compared  to  standard  glass  ionomer restoratives  which  display  significant change. GlasIonomer FX ULTRA exhibits exceptional resistance to colour variation with minimal difference in hue, chroma and shade over time.

Strong & Durable

  • GlasIonomer  FX  ULTRA has  a  special glass  and  polyacrylic  acid  formulation that sets through a stable ionic bond to a strong and durable glass ionomer matrix, that consistently endures intra-oral forces.

Dependable & Protective

  • GlasIonomer FX ULTRA bonds reliably to both enamel and dentin, without requiring additional conditioning. High shear bond strength minimizes potential microleakage and provides an excellent seal against bacterial infiltration.



  • 1 x 15g Powder.
  • 1 x 8ml (10g) Liquid.

Directions To Use

Directions To Use

A. Filling

A-1. Cleaning of tooth surface Thoroughly clean the tooth surface to remove plaque / surface stains

A-2. Shade selection Select the shade that is optimal for the patient

A-3. Cavity preparation Prepare the cavity following the standard method

A-4. Isolation Use a rubber dam etc to isolate the restoration site

A-5. Pulp protection In the case of pulp exposure or deep cavities with close proximity to pulp, cap the pulp with calcium hydroxide etc

A-6. Dispensing Powder and Liquid Dispense 1 scoop of powder using the powder measuring scoop provided and 1 drop of liquid separately. ¾ Standard Powder to Liquid ratio is 2.7 g : 1.0 g. ¾ Gently shake the powder bottle before dispensing. Use the measuring scoop provided and level off the powder for accurate dispensing. ¾ Invert the liquid bottle prior to use to dispense drops of bubble-free liquid. ¾ Remove any liquid plugging the nozzle with a wet gauze etc. for accurate measuring. ¾ Tightly close the caps (powder, liquid and COCOA BUTTER) immediately after each use to prevent any potential moisture contamination

A-7. Mixing Divide the dispensed powder into 2 equal portions using the plastic spatula provided. Mix the first portion thoroughly with the liquid dispensed for approximately 10 seconds. Incorporate the remaining powder and mix thoroughly for an additional 20 – 35 seconds.

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2798.003120.00 (-10%)

Shofu FX Ultra Bulk Fill Glass Ionomer Restorative

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