Waldent Eco Plus Airotor Handpiece And Cartridges

  • Airotor Handpiece
  • Sleek
  • Light Weighted
  • Ergonomic Design

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  • Waldent Eco Plus Airotor HandpieceWaldent Eco Plus Airotor has been enhanced to meet expectations in modern dental surgeries. Precision engineered to offer the power and reliability required to perform clinical procedures. The new Ceramic turbine cartridge with Japan technology delivers increased smoothness, while the bur retention system has been engineered to securely retain the bur under increased torque loads.Waldent Eco Plus Airotor CartridgesCompatible with Waldent Eco Plus AirotorPlease Note: This cartridge is compatible with Waldent Eco Plus Airotor onlyThis helps to –
    • Increase the life span of bearing
    • Provides antimicrobial environment


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Waldent Eco Plus Airotor Handpiece -Standard Head, Cartridge For Waldent Eco Plus Airotor – Standard, Waldent Eco Plus Airotor Handpiece -Super Torque, Cartridge For Waldent Eco Plus Airotor – Super Torque



  • 1) Design
    • Exclusive Design
    • Push Button Type
    • Sleek Body
    • Better Grip
    • Excellent Texture

    2) Bearing

    • Ceramic ball bearing – long life span

    3) Material

    • Made of Aluminium alloy – Light weighted

    4) Speed

    • High speed handpiece
    • Extra-torque & superior cutting efficiency
    • Optimal power

    5) Water Spray

    • Optimum cooling of the treatment site with 3x spray

    6) Connection

    • Two hole Bordon Chair connection

    7) Corrosion Resistant

    8) Autoclavable at 135 degree celsius.



  • Airotor :
    • 1 x Airotor Handpiece
    • Instruction Manual


    • 1 x Airotor Cartridge



  • Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 6 months on Cartridge as applicable for this product.
  • Physical damage is not covered in any case
  • Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product
  • Dentalstall will not be liable to replace the Products and the liability to replace any such Product is that of the Manufacturer/Importer
  • The Buyer acknowledges that the Products once sold will not be exchanged or taken back unless the seal of the package or the Product is intact or not altered in any manner or is not tampered as the case may be.



1. What is the use of Waldent Airotor?

Waldent Airotor can be used for restorative, endodontic, oral surgery, prosthodontic and for many more dental procedures.

2. What is the use of water in Waldent Airotor?

Water in the Airotor acts as a coolant, necessary to prevent the Airotor and bur while cutting the tooth from heating up

3. Is the Waldent Airotor noise free?

The Waldent Airotor creates the noise between the permissible range of 50 -70 DB.

4. What type of bearing does the Waldent Airotor consists of?

The Waldent Airotors have ceramic bearings.  The Ceramic bearings are harder than Stainless Steel bearing thus improves durability & also don’t get rust & thereby requires less maintenance.

5. What type of dental chair connection does Waldent Airotor requires?

Waldent Airotor require Bordon 2-holes connection with the dental chair.

6. What should be the working pressure for the Waldent Airotor?

The recommended working pressure for the Waldent Airotor is 0.25-0.30 (MPa)

7. Is the Waldent Airotor push or chuck type?

The Waldent Airotor has push button.

8. Does the Waldent Airotor requires extra coupling for the attachment?

No, Waldent Airotor does not require extra coupling. They can be easily attached or get fitted to the inbuilt coupling of the dental chair. However, the need of extra coupling is needed with the disposable Waldent Airotor or if the chair has coupling other than Bordon 2-Holes coupling.

9. How long the Waldent Airotor cartridge last?

There is no fix duration till which cartridge can work or survive. The life of the cartridge depends on many factors including type of bur used, length of bur, lubrication method, type of sterilizer, number of uses, maintenance & sterilization practice of individual.

10. What types of Bur are compatible with Waldent Airotor?

Any type of dental bur which is ISO Standardized can be used with Waldent Airotor.

11. How to change the Bur in Waldent Airotor?

The bur can be changed by pressing the push button (present on the head of the Waldent Airotor) with the tip of the thumb.

12. If the bur in the Waldent Airotor have shaking or wobbling motion?

If the Waldent Airotor is showing shaking motion then bearing might got damaged and need the replacement.

13. What type of water supply should be used with the Waldent Airotor?

The recommended water for the Waldent Airotor is distilled water. Tap water or RO water causes salt deposition in the bearings and thus reducing its life span.

14. How to maintain the Waldent Airotor?

  • Disconnect handpiece from the tubing.
  • Put 2- 3 drops of good lubricant at driven air orifice at rear of the handpiece.
  • Reconnect the Airotor to the tubing & run for 10 seconds to expel the excess oil out (never run the Airotor without the bur).
  • Remove the bur from the Airotor.
  • Disconnect the Airotor from the tubing.

15. Which lubricant to use with Waldent Airotor?

Any good branded lubricant oil recommended for Airotor can be used.

16. How to sterilize the Waldent Airotor?

The Waldent Airotor can be sterilized by Autoclaving at 135° Celsius.

17. How to prepare the Waldent Airotor for sterilization procedure?

  • Keep handpiece in vertical position and scrub with soft brush and warm water to remove debris.
  • Dry the external surface of Airotor with paper towel (do not immerse in the disinfectant solution).
  • Lubricate the handpiece as per FAQ No. 14
  • Seal the Airotor in the sterilization bag.
  • Autoclave at temperature of 135° Celsius.
  • Allow the Airotor to cool at room temperature before operating.
  • For LED Airotor, after cooling gently clean LED Light with cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Water Port Cleaning – As needed, periodically clean the water port(s) with cleaning tool/wire.

18. How much warranty does Waldent Airotor has?

The Waldent Airotor has six months warranty against the manufacturing defects (on cartridge).

Note: Any physical damage on the Waldent Airotor is not included in the warranty & is not repairable too.

19. What does the package consists of?

The package consists of –

  • 1 x Waldent Airotor
  • 1 x Key
  • 1 x User Manual

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Starting at: 1056.00 (-36%)

Waldent Eco Plus Airotor Handpiece And Cartridges

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