Waldent Intra Oral Camera with Screen – Ergo (10 MP)

  • 10 MegaPixel CMOS Sensor
  • 6 High-Intensity Day Light LEDs
  • Auto Focus-Range: 5 mm – 50 mm

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    • Waldent Ergo is an ergonomically designed Intra Oral Camera with Monitor that serves as an important tool for Patient Education and Treatment Planning.
    • Spiral wire for attaching the camera and integrated handle for moving the monitor improves the overall handling experience.
    • Applying the technology of high definition lenses and cold light LED,
      it carries the embedded operating system.
    • It supports a built-out USB device, multi-view display, QR code transmission, etc.
    • With an integrated design, and easy to assemble.



    • Ideally Used for Diagnosis & Treatment Planning.



    • SD Card / External Drive Storage.
    • High-Speed Image Processing Technology.
    • Highly Integrated Design with Handle.
    • High Definition Video and Photography Function.
    • Video Recording.
    • Multi-picture screen.
    • It can be connected to both mobile & computer.
    • High Definition large screen.
    • Good Picture storage.
    • Easy Operation.
    • Four high-energy LED cold light design.
    • Reduce inspection time.
    • It can store lesion images for easy observation and continuous observation.
    • Bright colors.
    • High resolution.
    • Easy to observe.



    • Patients are more comfortable asking questions and are able to understand the treatment process, options or about oral hygiene in a more clear way.
    • Early detection of oral problems like a gingival disease or Dental caries as it has powerful magnification.
    • A dentist can easily compare the changes in the patient’s oral health and hygiene or how a multi-phase treatment is progressing also can show it to the patient.
    • It builds up the trust and Good relation between Dentist and the patient.
    • It gives a real-world picture of patient Dental hygiene.
    • For Future Case Documentation.
    • Enhances Doctor’s Credibility.
    • Better for Insurance Claims.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg



    • 17 HD Display.
    • Embedded operating system.
    • JPG image format and MP4 video playback.
    • High-speed image processing technology.
    • Ergonomic design with a simple and personalized handle attached with it improves the overall handling experience
    • Length of the monitor -38.5cm
    • The breadth of the monitor -36.5cm



    • 10 Megapixel CMOS.
    • Auto Focus
    • 4 x Zoom
    • 1280 x 1024 resolution.
    • Six high intensity LED lights.
    • Patient safety and comfort is a primary concern of this camera.



    • Remote control / key control.
    • Key Function
    • Key 1 – Capture image
    •             Turn off camera
    •              Save picture
    • Key 2 – Switch picture mode
    •              Cancel picture
    •              Take video
    • Key 3 – Play forward
    •              Delete all picture
    • Key 4 – Play backward
    •             Delete current picture or video



    • An input and output port is an interface or a point of connection between the operating system and peripheral device.
    • The main function of this port is to act as a point of attachment, where the cable from the peripheral can be plugged in and allows data to flow from and to the device.



    • Without any doubt, the first advantage is that you can achieve increased storage with ease.
    • Due to its small size, the SD card is removable and portable. Hence, if you eject it, you can take it all around.



    No Part Name QTY
    1 Monitor 1 Pcs


    2 Camera 1 Pcs


    3 Remote Control 1 Pcs


    4 DC Adapter (12V) 1 Pcs


    5 DC cable 1 Pcs


    6 Intraoral Camera Cable 1 Pcs


    7 Intraoral Camera Holder 1 Pcs


    8 SD Card 1 Pcs


    9 Intra Oral Camera Sleeves    1 Package


    10 Card Reader 1 Pcs


    11 Intraoral Camera Monitor Clamp 1 Pcs

Directions To Use

Directions To Use






Press to increase or decrease the sound level.



Press to scan through channels. To scan quickly channels, press and hold down either =/- button.



Press to bring up the main menu to the screen.



Press to select the input source.



Switch ON the LCD TV when at standby mode or vice versa.



Show red in standby mode, show green when your TV is switched ON.



Infrared sensor for the remote control.




  • Press the INPUT button to display the input source list.
  • Press △ ▽ button to select the input source you want to watch.
  • Press the ENTER button to enter the input source.
  • Press the EXIT button to quit.



  • Press the MENU button to display the main menu.
  • Press ◁ ▷ button to select CHANNEL in the main menu, it will highlight the first option.


  • 1. Press △ ▽ button to select the option that you want to adjust in the CHANNEL menu.
  • 2. Press the OK button to adjust.
  • 3. After finishing your adjustment, press the MENU button to save and return back to the previous menu.



  • Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 12 months as applicable for this product.
  • Physical damage is not covered in any case
  • Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product
  • Dentalstall will not be liable to replace the Products and the liability to replace any such Product is that of the Manufacturer/Importer
  • The Buyer acknowledges that the Products once sold will not be exchanged or taken back unless the seal of the package or the Product is intact or not altered in any manner or is not tampered as the case may be.



Q1. What is Intraoral Camera?

  1. It is an electronic device that is used by dentists to see every surface of the patient’s mouth.

Q2. What are benefits of Intraoral Camera?

  1. 1. Better diagnosis of Oral Health problems
    2. Improves accuracy of treatment planning
    3. Easy documentation for future use
    4. Can be used for insurance claims
    5. Enhances a dentist’s credibility
    6. Helps better understanding between doctor and patient.
    7. In patient’s education.

Q3. How Intraoral Camera works?

  1. It is shaped like a toothbrush having a lens on the head tip. The camera has many features such as clarity, pixels including zoom. This camera is specially designed to fit in the oral cavity. The electronic device is attached to a monitoring system that displays and records the feed from the camera.

Q4. Is the Intraoral Camera safe to use?

  1. Yes! Intra-oral cameras are made especially for dental purposes. They are designed keeping in mind the patient’s safety and comfort. Unless misused, intra-oral cameras are unlikely to cause any safety-related issues.

Q5. If an Intraoral Camera does not focus on the object?

  1. The following factors affect the focus function –

          Improper light

        Improper contrast

          Moving object

Q6. Does Intraoral Camera work on foot pedal?

  1. Intraoral Camera has been engineered to not require a foot pedal. The capture buttons placed on the camera will start the Video stream and take snapshots without having to use the computer mouse or a foot pedal.

Q7. Does the Intraoral Camera have wi-fi transmitter?

  1. No, this intraoral camera is not having wi-fi transmitter.

Q8. Is the Intraoral Camera wireless?

  1. No, this intraoral camera is not wireless. It has three meters long spiral cord.

Q9. What is the light source in an Intraoral Camera?

  1. The intraoral camera has six white LEDs with Daylight intensity.

Q10. On how many computers can Intraoral Camera work simultaneously?

  1. On two monitors or laptops intraoral camera can be attached through HDMI cable.

Q11. How to download the software for the Intraoral Camera?

  1. To download the software for the intraoral camera, attach the given pen drive, it comes with the required software.

Q12. What type of monitor screen does Intraoral Camera has?

  1. The intraoral camera has 17inches wide TFT screen with display resolution of 1280*1024.

Q13. What is the length of cable?

  1. The intraoral camera comes with three meters long spiral cord.

Q14. How to clean the Intraoral Camera lens?

  1. To clean the lens just wipe the lens with soft & clean muslin cloth or cotton.

Q15. Does Intraoral Camera have audio or video playback function?

  1. Yes, the intraoral camera has audio/video playback functions. It comes with two pre-installed speakers.

Q16. What is the warranty for Intraoral Camera?

  1. The intraoral camera has a one-year manufacturer warranty that does not include physical damage.

Q17. What does the package consist of?

  1. The package comes with following :

–          1 x TFT Monitor

–          1 x Camera Unit

–          1 x Multi-Functional Remote Control

–          1 x DC Adapter (12V)

–          1 x DC cable

–          1 x Camera Cable

–          1 x Camera Holder

–          1 x SD Card/Pen Drive

–          1 x Intra Oral Camera Sleeves

–          1 x Card Reader

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  1. (04 Reviews )

    by Dr. Abdul

    Good product dentalstall. Best site to shop from.

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    by Dr. Rekha

    The camera is wonderful.
    Thanks Dentalstall for fast delivery.

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    by Dr. Raj Kumar Verma

    I did my research and this is the best value for the money. I shopped around and no one else had the right specs and it was the best price

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    The delivery was fast and the quality is top notch.

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Waldent Intra Oral Camera with Screen - Ergo (10 MP)

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