Woodpecker E-com Plus Cordless Endomotor

Cordless Endomotor with 9 user-defined modes

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Woodpecker Ecom Plus Cordless Endomotor

E-COM plus cordless endomotor is mainly used in Endodontic treatment during root canal preparation procedure, it is used to mold and clean the root canal.

E-COM plus can be connected to the matched Apex locator for the measurement of accurate working length. By connecting the E-Combine to the matched Apex locator, the position of the file tip inside the canal can be monitored during the procedure and many automatic functions such as Auto Apical Reverse can be activated.


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  • Effectively Prevent Needle Breakage

Adopt real-time feedback technology & dynamic torque control, realizing automatic reverse, effectively preventing fracture of endodontic files.

  • Preset Various File Systems

Preset various file systems so that the dentist can directly choose the file system that they need, which brings dentists convenience while they need to use different kinds of files.

  • Maximum Compatibility

Wide torque & speed range make it adapt to various file systems such as FKG, XP-endo, and Shaper in the market.

The recommended speed is 800-1000rpm.

The recommended maximum torque setting for Dentsply protaper gold is 5N.cm.

  • Cordless Handpiece

Flexible use & easy storage without tail cord Human-friendly design brings better holding feeling.

  • All-angle OLED Screen

Without a visual angle limit, a clear display can be guaranteed even under strong light.

Available display of speed, torque, and Battery Consumption

  •  Customization

Storage of 9 user-defined modes allows invocation at any time.

Under each mode, continuous motion, reciprocating motion, and reverse motion are options.

Torque and speed are adjustable.

  • Imported Motor


The reduction ratio endows strong power and efficient cutting.

Durable planet gear gearbox prolongs the service life of the device

  • Nimble Contra-angle

Contra-angle can be autoclaved to avoid cross-infection. Adjustable angle makes it available for different teeth positions, small & exquisite head provides unobstructed views.

  • Automatic torque Calibrating

Choose Torque Calibration mode to automatically calibrate torque, reducing the torque fluctuation caused by contra-angle replacement or sterilization under high temperature and high pressure



  • 1 x Endomotor Unit
  • 1 x Charging Unit
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • Instructional Manual



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21795.0029000.00 (-25%)

Woodpecker E-com Plus Cordless Endomotor

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