Angelus MTA Fillapex Smartmix Syringe (4 gm)

Root Canal Sealer

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The proven efficacy of MTA now available in a root canal sealer MTA-Fillapex is an bioceramic endodontic sealer based on MTA, developed by Angelus (Londrina/Parana/Brazil) and launched commercially in 2010.
It is a new product that combines the proven advantages of MTA with a
superior canal obturation product. Its formulation in the paste/paste system
allows a complete filling of the entire root canal, including accessory and
lateral canals. MTA, present in the composition of MTA-Fillapex, is more
stable than calcium hydroxide, providing constant release of calcium ions
for the tissues and maintaining a pH which elicits antibacterial effects. The
tissue recovery and the lack of inflammatory response are optimized by the
use of MTA and disalicylate resin. The product is eugenol free and will not
interfere with adhesive procedures inside the root canal. Also, it does not
cause discoloration of the tooth structure.

Product description
Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer

For root canal filling


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Biocompatible: Tissue healing with little inflammation
High radiopacity: Excellent radiograph visibility
Flow rate of 27.66 mm*: Allows filling of accessory canals
Setting expansion of 0.088%*: Due to MTA presence
Presence of Calcium ions: Helps bone and tissues regrow
Film thickness*: 9.6 �m
Paste / paste presentation: Easy handling
Easy removal: Removed with citrus oils and chloroform solvents
Radiopacificator Calcium Tungstate: Does not stain tooth structure



  • 1 x double barrel syringe (4 g)
  • 10 x automixing tips
  • 1 x mixing pad

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

  • Root canal preparation: Prior to insertion of MTA-FILLAPEX, the root canal should be prepared and cleaned
    according to the selected endodontic technique. The device requires an isolated dry field; therefore, moisture
    found in the canal or in the ambient humidity is sufficient to initiate MTA-FILLAPEX hardening;
  • Mixing:
  • Dual syringe: The dual syringe ensures equal mixing in a 1:1 ratio. Press plunger to extrude material directly
    onto a glass slab, mixing pad or into the tooth canal. The cement should be used immediately after mixing;
  • Tubes: Mix equal volume units (1:1). Mix for 30 seconds to a homogeneous consistency;
  • Insertion: Use MTA-FILLAPEX with gutta-percha or silver points, coating them with a thin layer of the
    cement and filling the root canal according to the selected technique. MTA-FILLAPEX can be applied in the
    root canal with a Lentulo spiral or, directly, with an applicator tip adapted to the self-mixing tip;
    WARNING: The self-mixing tip must be discarded after use.
  • Removal of the root canal filling: Use the conventional techniques for the removal of gutta-percha fillings;
  • Working time: 23 minutes



Why is the presence of MTA important in the composition of this
The MTA cement became available in the market in 1998 and it
turned out to be a ”miraculous” material in the field of Endodontics,
due to the scientifically proven excellent results obtained ever since.
MTA as a component means perfect sealing (provided by its setting
expansion), sealing integrity (provided by its low solubility) and the
highest biological regeneration (provided by the release of calcium
ions and their antimicrobial action).

Does MTA Fillapex replace the MTA Reparative Cement?
No. MTA Fillapex is an endodontic sealer, while MTA Reparative is
indicated for the treatment of perforations, root resorption, apical
plug and pulp capping.

How many cases can be made with one syringe/tube of Fillapex?
1 double syringe with 4 g provides an average of 15 cases, depending on the tooth
being treated.
1 tube with 30 g provides an average of 200 cases, depending on the tooth being treated.

What is the working time of Fillapex?
The working time is 23 minutes, which allows the root canal filling
to be calmly performed by both the general practitioner and the endodontist.

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2550.003100.00 (-18%)

Angelus MTA Fillapex Smartmix Syringe (4 gm)

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