D-Tech Bondable Buccal Tubes

Bondable Tubes with Extremely low profile design to minimize occlusal interference.

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D-Tech Bondable Buccal Tubes 6th MBT 0.22 US/LS 265.00290.00
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D-Tech Bondable Buccal Tubes 7th MBT 0.22 US/LS 285.00325.00
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D-Tech Bondable Buccal Tubes

D-Tech range of bondable tubes is super accurate, with a funnel entry to allow for easy insertion of wires. They have a laser welded mesh base and laser identification mark on the base. The bracket base has an indent for perfect positioning. They are available for both the 6th & 7th Molar.


  • Convert and re-convert for more effective treatment
  • Improve sliding mechanics and gain greater control
  • Decrease chair time with faster wire changes
  • Increase patient comfort
  • Increase bond reliability
  • InnovativeSpinTek slide design


Additional information

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D-Tech Bondable Buccal Tubes 6th MBT 0.22 US/LS, D-Tech Bondable Buccal Tubes 7th MBT 0.22 US/LS



  • The mesial opening on the tube makes archwire engagement easy without added size.
  • Teardrop design minimizes occlusal interference.
  • Notch makes it easy to hold the tube with pliers or tweezers.
  • Biocompatible identification dot, with no nickel.
  • Absorbs half the energy created by an impact and transmits less force to the joint between the bracket and the tooth.
  • Improved bonding and patient comfort.
  • The adhesive flows better through the titanium mesh, penetrating it better.

Key specification

Key specification

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Category: Orthodontics
  • Available Size: 6th and 7th molar



  • 4 x Buccal Tube

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Starting at: 265.00 (-12%)

D-Tech Bondable Buccal Tubes

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