Waldent Electric Pulp Tester

  • Pulp Vitality Tester
  • Convienient to operate
  • Preset speed mode (high-mid-low speed)

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  • Waldent Electric Pulp Tester It is a device to examine the vitality
    of dental pulp using the electric stimulation The currrent used to stimulate the intradental nerves therefore creating a response. Studies were accompanied to measure the responses subjects by stimulating over the sensory threshold
    to determine the vitality of tooth. It works in an efficient way
    Electric Pulp Testing An Electric current can be applied to the tooth in order to generate an action potential in the type A delta fibres within pulp ; this elicit a
    responses This test is conducted under a medium like toothpasteon dried tooth.
  • One end is placed on the tooth surface near the pulp horn
    other end is placed on the lip
    Asked for any tingling sensation


Additional information

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    • Preset speed mode (high-mid-low speed)
    • Gentle , pulsed stimulus begins to increase at a rate of high -mid-low speed.
    • Specifically designed for patient comfort (If patient indicates perception , simply release the button. The stimulus stoped immediately, but the numbers remain frozen on the screen for about 3mins
    • Convienient to operate

    Peak of stimulus current reaction numerical value.

    1. Between 0-40 , the patient feels ache and anesthesia , it means alive tooth nerve.
    2. Between 40-80 , with above mentioned reaction , if means part of tooth nerve dead.
    3. 80 , no above mentioned reaction dead tooth nerve.



  • 2 x Test Electrode
  • 1 x Cable Socket
  • 1 x Light Indicator
  • 1 x Battery



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Directions To Use

Directions To Use

  1. Make the test wire link with the cable socket of the unit, afterwards insert the stainless steel hook and the test electrode into the interface of the unit.
  2. Strictly separate the tooth which will be measured from the saliva , blow the surface of the tooth until it is dry, so as to forbid the stimulation electric current to conduct from the gingiva or else there will appear a false stimulus current.
  3. Hang the stainless steel hook on any side of the mouth, then select different speed mode.
  4. Paste a spot of conducting glue or toothpaste on the contact interface (1/3 slide side) between test electrode and selected tooth. Then press the power switch.
  5. When the patient slightly feels toothache or anesthesia, You should take the test electrode away from the tooth and observe the figure on the screen in order to record it , this figure is the tooth’s stimulation current reaction number.

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  1. (01 Reviews )

    by Dr. Nisha Sharma

    Using the Waldent Electric Pulp Tester has significantly improved the accuracy and ease of diagnosing pulp vitality in my practice. It’s easy to use, and the results are consistent and reliable. An essential tool for any dental practitioner.

3300.0010000.00 (-67%)

Waldent Electric Pulp Tester

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