Straight Handpiece

Straight Handpiece

Your Guide to Straight Handpieces

Buy Dental Straight Handpieces Online at Best Price 2024

Dental straight handpieces have become quintessential tools in the fast-evolving sphere of dentistry. Designed to be paired effortlessly with either micromotors or air motors, these slow-speed handpieces are tailored for a variety of clinical and laboratory dental procedures. Dentalstall welcomes you to a world where quality meets innovation, offering a versatile range of straight handpieces from globally renowned brands. Whether for reshaping dentures, crafting bridges, or surgical interventions, our selection promises unmatched precision and efficacy.

Every straight handpiece at Dentalstall is attuned to HP Burs with a minimum length of 44.5mm, facilitating a broad selection of compatible burs to work in harmony with these handpieces, thus encouraging versatility across a plethora of dental procedures.

Elevate Your Practice with Water Spray Straight Handpiece

Beyond conventional straight handpieces, Dentalatall takes pride in presenting an array of straight handpieces equipped with an internal water spray mechanism. These state-of-the-art pieces work harmoniously with air motors featuring internal water irrigation functionalities, promising a debris-free and clear operational view throughout dental procedures.

Leading Straight Handpiece Brands

Dentalstall commits to offering a rich portfolio of trusted straight handpiece brands including NSK, Waldent, Apple, Marathon, W&H, Being Foshan, API RICO, and Qualdent. Each of these brands stands out with their unique features and specifications, catering to a range of preferences and requirements.

  • NSK Straight HandpieceEmbark on a journey with NSK, a beacon of innovation and reliability in the dental industry. Known for products like “NSK SGS ES Micro Surgery Straight Handpiece“, “NSK SGS E2S Micro Surgery Straight Handpiece“, “Nsk S-max M65 Internal Spray Straight Handpiece (Non-Optic)”  and “NSK FX 65 Straight Handpiece“, NSK straight handpiece offers unparalleled torque and speed control, elevating the precision in dental procedures.
  • Waldent Straight HandpieceWaldent invites you to experience excellence with its durable and ergonomically designed straight handpieces. Products such as the “Waldent Straight Handpiece Special Edition and Waldent Straight Handpiece Special Edition – Black (W-134)” exemplify comfort and smooth operation, promising an enhanced experience for both dental professionals and patients.
  • Apple Straight HandpieceTrust in Apple’s range, a harmonious blend of longevity and superior performance. Explore popular products like the “Apple Straight Handpiece” that promises to redefine standards in dental practices.
  • Marathon Straight HandpieceMarathon, a name synonymous with quality, offers versatile straight handpieces known for their lightweight build and stellar materials. Products like “Marathon Straight Handpiece Clinical ES6” are designed for enduring performance and remarkable efficiency.
  • W&H Straight HandpieceExperience the forefront of dental technology with W&H. Their straight handpieces, such as the “W&H He-43 Straight Handpiece – HP334”, offer advanced features, backed by years of research and development, making them a trustworthy ally in your dental practice.
  • Being Foshan Straight HandpieceBeing Foshan stands as a hallmark of quality and precision, offering straight handpieces renowned for their quiet operation and consistent performance. These handpieces are crafted to meet the high demands of dental professionals globally.
  • API RICO Straight HandpieceAPI RICO presents a dynamic range of straight handpieces, designed with modern technology to cater to the evolving needs of dental experts. Experience a blend of durability and high performance with API RICO straight handpiece.
  • Qualdent Straight HandpieceQualdent brings forth a collection of straight handpieces characterized by reliability and high functionality. Delve into a range of products that promise to enhance the quality and efficiency of your dental practice.

FAQs About Straight Handpiece

  • What is the straight handpiece?
    A straight handpiece is a dental tool designed to be used in various dental procedures. It is characterized by its straight design and can be paired with different types of burs for different procedures.
  • What is a straight handpiece used for?
    A straight handpiece is used for an array of dental procedures including trimming dentures, adjusting crowns and bridges, and surgical interventions like tooth and bone cutting.
  • What burs are used on a straight handpiece?
    Straight handpieces are compatible with HP burs that have a minimum length of 44.5mm, providing versatility in using a wide range of burs for different dental procedures.
  • What is the rpm of a straight handpiece?
    The rpm (rotations per minute) of a straight handpiece can vary depending on the specific model and brand. Generally, it ranges from low-speed handpieces with 10,000 to 40,000 rpm to high-speed versions that can exceed 200,000 rpm. Always refer to the product specifications for exact details.
  • How do I maintain my straight handpiece?
    Regular maintenance including cleaning, lubrication, and sterilization is crucial for the longevity and effective performance of a straight handpiece. It is advisable to follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
  • Can I purchase straight handpieces online?
    Absolutely! Dentalstall offers a vast selection of straight handpieces from well-renowned brands, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your dental practice, all from the comfort of your home.
  • What are the notable brands offering straight handpieces?
    Some of the notable brands offering high-quality straight handpieces include NSK, Waldent, Apple, Marathon, W&H, Being Foshan, API RICO, and Qualdent.
  • How do I choose the right straight handpiece for my practice?
    Choosing the right straight handpiece involves considering factors like the procedures you frequently undertake, your budget, and the specific features you desire. You can explore a wide array of brands and products on DentalStall to find the one that aligns with your needs.
  • Are there straight handpieces with water spray features?
    Yes, DentalStall offers straight handpieces equipped with an internal water spray system, facilitating a clear and clean operational view during dental procedures.
  • What is the price range for straight handpieces at Dentalstall?
    The price range for straight handpieces at Dentalstall can vary widely depending on the brand and specific features of the product. We recommend browsing our collection to find options that suit your budget and requirements.