Api Gold Mouth Mirror Tops Pack of 12

Plain mouth Mirror tops

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  • Mouth mirror is the most common instrument used in dental clinics,as a diagnostic instrument.

    – Also known as Dentist’s Mirror.

    – Mouth Mirror is a Concave Mirror, provides – Magnified

    – The working end has reflecting mirrored surface.

    Parts – Handle


    – Head is usually round.

    Uses :

    # Indirect Vision

    # Retraction

    # Reflection

    # Indirect Illumination

    Types of Mouth Mirror : Front Surface

    Plane Mirror


Additional information

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1) Optimum Finish
Sharp Image
High Contrast
Pleasant Retraction
2) Elegant Design
Serrated Handle – Better Grip
Hollow Handle – Less Fatique
Slim Design – High Comfort
Low Reflection Surfaces
3) Extended Durability
Made of high quality stainless steel
4) Rust Free
Corrosion Resistant – Passivated
5) Disinfection
Autoclavable at 135 degree celsius



  • Pack of 12

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

We recommend that the temperature does not exceed 120C
Dry heat sterilization see that temperature does not exceed 180C and there should be no long exposure as this would cause discoloration,
loss of temper and this in turn would disturb the hardening of the instrument
Do not use substandard chemicals or disinfectants as they can damage the instruments
Avoid use of unsuitable highly acidic chlorine containing agents
Use Demineralized water only
Never rub an instrument with metal brush at the time of cleaning.

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660.001200.00 (-45%)

Out of stock

Api Gold Mouth Mirror Tops Pack of 12

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