Cerkamed BTR Pen – Broken Tool Remover

BTR Pen makes the removal of broken dental instruments a predictable, universal and repeatable procedure.



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Cerkamed BTR Pen – Broken Tool Remover combines new technology, fine quality and effective work. BTR Pen makes the removal of broken dental instruments a predictable, universal and repeatable procedure.The usage of the ultrathin and highly-elastic working tip, together with ultimate-endurance nitinol loop, makes it easy to get to the broken canal instrument. The tool allows certain grip and safe removal of the broken canal instrument regardless of it’s position in the canal.


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BTR Pen:

  • ergonomic and comfortable handle equipped with grooves facilitating a secure hand grip
  • made from high quality surgical stainless steel
  • universal size
  • designed for multiple use
  • safe for autoclave sterilisation


  • quick and easy formation of the loop into desired size
  • made from stainless steel
  • designed for multiple use

Changeable tip with nitinol loop:

  • the combination of a thin and highly elastic needle of Ø 0,3 mm with nitinol loop
  • easiness in insertion into narrow and bent canals
  • primary shape memory
  • maximum endurance to stretching
  • biocompatibility, corrosion resistance


  • full control of loop’s tension and size
  • optimalized elasticity parameter
  • guarantee of light and flawless moves
  • freedom of fitting the spring toughness

Key specification

Key specification

  • Single-tool system for every type of root canal
  • Precise grip of the broken instrument
  • Available tips: Ø 0,3 mm, Ø 0,4 mm, Ø 0,5 mm
  • The body made of surgical steel
  • Life-long warranty



  • BTR PEN – 1 pcs stainless steel tool
  • BTR CALIBRATOR – 1 pcs
  • BTR TIP Ø 0.3 – 5 pcs
  • BTR SPRING – 2 pcs soft and hard (third middle spring fixed on the device)
  • Silicone BTR O-RING – 3 pcs

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Cerkamed BTR Pen – Broken Tool Remover

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