Oracura Smart Water Flosser with 300 Water Tank Capacity

Water Flosser with pulse mode to massage gums

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ORACURA OC100 Smart Water Flosser comes with a higher water tank capacity of 300ml to ensure long-lasting and interruption-free flossing with every use. Make flossing a part of the advanced daily oral care routine of your entire family with our advanced features & technology.

Advantages Of Flossing

  • Removes 99.9% Plaque removal
  • Easy to Clean Around Braces
  • Helps To Prevent Bad Breath & Oral Problems
  • Suitable For Braces, Crowns & Dental Implants
  • Easy To Carry & Portable
  • Advanced Protection Against Bacteria


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Oracura OC100 Smart Water Flosser with 300ml Water Tank Capacity White, Oracura OC100 Smart Water Flosser with 300ml Water Tank Capacity Black



  • Higher Tank Capacity
  • 3 Modes of Flossing (Normal, Soft, and Pulse)
  • 0.6mm Ultra-Fine Water Flow
  • Long-Lasting Charge
  • Single Charge Lasts For Up To 10-15 Days
  • 2 Nozzle Tips



  • OC100 Smart Water Flosser Main Unit
  • 300ml Water Tank
  • 2 Standard Nozzles
  • USB Cable
  • Operation Manual

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

  • Clean the nozzle tips after flossing.
  • Replace the nozzle tips after every 3-4 months.
  • Rinse the water tank with water.
  • Clean the product’s external surfaces
  • Store the product in a cool & dry place to avoid germs.



Q.What’s the difference between OC001 and OC100?
ORACURA OCOOT model comes with a 150ml water tank capacity and protective case. However, the ORACURA OCi00 model comes with a 300ml water tank capacity without a protective case.

Q.Can I choose to get Orthodontic tips instead of standard tips with the flosser?
A.ORACURA Smart Water Flosser OC100 by default comes with 2 standard tip nozzles which cannot be replaced with another kind of tip. However, one can purchase Orthodontic tips separately for utmost cleansing around the orthodontic appliance.

Q.Can we clean the water tank?
A.ORACURA’S Water Tanks can be easily cleaned and maintained for utmost hygiene. The water tank of the OCI00 model is detachable and it has two openings, one from the top & one from the bottom side, making it convenient to use.

Q.What does the warranty include?
A.The warranty of ORACURA’S Oral Care Solution includes manufacturing defects in terms of machine operations. The warranty will not cover any issue with the water tank, tips, or changer at a later stage due to handling. However, if the machine does not start for operation, then we will replace the machine part from our side.



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Oracura Smart Water Flosser with 300 Water Tank Capacity

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