SafeEndo ReGlass LC

Light Cure Resin Modified GIC Cavity Liner

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ReGlass – Lc is a light curing resin modified Bioactive Glass filler flowable composite for cavity linings, pit and fissure sealing and smaller surface lesions under ATR.

Indications :

  • As a Cavity liner under all restorative materials for better thermal insulators.
  • In class V cavities for abrasion defects.
  • Pit and fissure sealing and smaller surface lesions under ATR.

Contra-indications :

  • Drug idiosyncrasy
  • Use with carefully if person is allergic to methacrylates and BHT
  • Do not use directly on exposed Pulp area as a temporary or permanent closure.


Additional information

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  • Fast technique and excellent handling characteristics
  • Quick and easy placement.
  • Produces zones of inhibition against bacteria
  • Sustained fluoride release to help protect the tooth long after the restoration is complete.
  • No complicated handmixing
  • Protects the pulp
  • Seals the dentinal tubules
  • Prevents postoperative sensitivity
  • Radiopaque



  • 1 x ReGlass – Lc 2.5g syringe

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

As Cavity Liner

  • ReGlass – Lc is inserted with applying needle cannula (recommended single use) directly into caries free prepared cavity area in 1-2 mm thickness
  • Photo polymerization of the material is conducted with ultra violet light of 400-500 nanometer wave length for 30-40 seconds depending upon depth of material.
  • After setting of material becomes very hard so you can carefully remove and smooth base with rotary instruments for further preparation.
  • Etching and bonding is advised depending upon type of your cavity and approximate distance with pulp tissue.
  • Do not use ReGlass – Lc on margin of cavity and enamel surface

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720.00780.00 (-8%)

SafeEndo ReGlass LC

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