SafeEndo ReTemp-LC Flow

Light Curing Temporary Filling Flowable Composite

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ReTemp – Lc Flow is a blue colour, light curing paste based on a polymer binder and inorganic filler. Thanks to its elastic consistency, the material is easily removable , also in case of undercuts with help of appropriate hand instruments ( probe or excavator) with a single shape of cavity. Therefore post-treatment drilling of cavity to remove temporary material is not needed.

ReTemp – Lc Flow is a light curing flowable composite designed for temporary fillings in endodontic treatment, micro prosthesis, temporary sealing of abutment screw of Implant.

Indications :

  • Temporary preparation of Cavity wall for Endodontic irrigation
  • Temporary isolation during microprosthetics
  • Temporary sealing of implant adutment screw
  • Temporary filling of Inlay and Onlay of the cavity
  • Sealing of Root Canal Orifices after obturation
  • Fixation of polymer matrix in interdental spaces during restoration


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg



  • Saves time (curing time is 10-20 sec)
  • Easy to use
  • Tight marginal seal
  • Withstands chewing load
  • Easy to treat and polish
  • No Need of Etching and Bonding Required.
  • Can be easily removed in one portion without  drilling



  • 2 x ReTemp – Lc 2.5g syringe

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

  • ReTemp – Lc is inserted with applying needle cannula (recommended single use) directly into prepared cavity area
  • Photo polymerization of the material is conducted with ultra violet light of 400-500 nanometer wave length for 20-40 seconds depending upon thickness of layer from 1mm- 3mm.
  • Check occlusion and remove the excess material with help of silicone disc or appropriate finishing tools.
  • No Need of Etching and Bonding Required.

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885.00960.00 (-8%)

SafeEndo ReTemp-LC Flow

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