Ultradent UltraEZ Syringe Kit & Refill

  • Desensitizing Gel with Potassium Nitrate &Flouride

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UltraEZ is a sustained-release, 3% potassium nitrate desensitizing gel with fluoride (0.25% Neutral NaF). The sticky, viscous gel stays in the trays and on the teeth, for an intensive effect.

  • Wear time in custom tray: 15–60 minutes
  • Wear time in pre-filled tray: 15–60 minutes


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Ultradent UltraEZ Syringe Refill

  • 1 x 1.2ml Syringe

Ultradent UltraEZ Syringe Kit 

  • 4 x 1.2ml syringes with tips

Directions to use

Directions to use




STEP 1: ​Express UltraEZ into the custom tray. A complete arch should use most of the contents of one syringe. If sensitivity is localized, place gel in affected area(s) and a small amount in the molar region to hold the tray in place.

STEP 2 : ​Make sure teeth are brushed before placing the loaded tray on the arch.

STEP 3 : ​Gently press the tray edges against the arch labially and palatally.

STEP 4 : ​Remove excess gel with a soft toothbrush or clean finger.

STEP 5 : ​With the tray in place, treatment time begins now.

STEP 6: At the end of treatment, brush the teeth, being careful not to swallow the UltraEZ gel, and use a soft toothbrush and cold water to clean the tray.




What is the concentration of potassium nitrate and fluoride contained in UltraEZ?

  • ​UltraEZ contains 3% potassium nitrate and 0.11% weight-by-weight fluoride ion.

Can patients wear UltraEZ in their custom trays overnight?

  • ​No. UltraEZ is not indicated for overnight use.

Does UltraEZ need to be refrigerated?

  • ​No. UltraEZ can be stored at room temperature.

Does UltraEZ have to follow a whitening procedure? Or can it be used for general sensitivity as well?

  • ​UltraEZ can be used to treat general sensitivity as well as sensitivity from many dental procedures, including root planing, scaling, toothbrush abrasion, and more.



  • Provides immediate results
  • Works quickly and effectively against sensitivity caused by toothbrushing, thermal or chemical effects, exposed tooth necks, or bleaching
  • Available in pre-loaded trays or syringes for custom-tray delivery

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550.00736.00 (-25%)

Ultradent UltraEZ Syringe Kit & Refill

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