Waldent Flexident Putty

High Viscosity A-Silicone & Putty Impression Material

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Waldent Flexident Putty

  • Flexident Putty formulation, based on synthetic spheroidal silicas fillers, performs the maximum fluidity combined with perfect final dimensional stability.
  • Flexident Putty, due to its excellent initial flowing and final rigidity, guarantees the best results for all impression techniques.
  • Flexident Putty is the ideal support when employed in the “two-stage putty/wash technique” and it ensures the perfect cohesion between putty and light materials in the “single-stage double mixing technique”. This leads to the realization of high precision impressions.

Waldent Flexident A-Silicone

  • Flexident Light Body is a Addition Cured (A-silicon) vinyl Polysiloxane impression material. Look forward to high precision work owing to Flexident’s high hydrophilicity, great linear dimensional stability, and excellent tear resistance.
  • It is a high precision silicone, non-slumping & thixotropic in nature which is easy to work with and trim. It has high initial hydrophilicity & viscosity.
  • It  gets pushed into the sub-gingival area  easily to register  the details. Flexident exhibits the highest tear strength to give an accurate impression detail everytime.

Indications :

  • For impressions in cases of veneers, inlay, onlay, crown or bridge
  • Impressions for study models, orthodontic models, matrice


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Waldent FlexiDent A-Silicone Light Body, Waldent Flexident Putty (500gm + 500gm), Waldent Putty + Light Body Combo Kit



  • Exhibits pseudo-plastic properties for precision which is not found in alginates
  • Superior tear strength than any other VPS material
  • Better dimensional stability – multiple models can be poured up to two weeks
  • Good hydrophilicity
  • Compatible with gypsum products
  • Superior wetting characteristics ensuring gypsum working cast is hard with smooth surface
  • Can be subjected to cold sterilization without compromising the details and dimensional stability of the impression
  • Better reproduction detail.



Waldent Flexident Putty (500gm + 500gm)

  • 1 x Base 500gm
  • 1 x Catalyst 500gm

Waldent Flexident Light Body Cartridges ( 50ml x 2)

  • 2 x Silicone Base/Catalyst Cartridge 50ml
  • 6 x Mixing tips

Waldent Putty + Light Body Combo Kit

  • 1 x Putty Base 500gm
  • 1 x Putty Catalyst 500gm
  • 2 x Silicone Base/Catalyst Cartridge 50ml
  • 6 x Mixing tips

Direction to use

Direction to use

Flexident Putty:

Dosage : Measure out level scoopfulls of Base and Catalyst.

Mixing :

1. Take the base material and the catalyst with the fingertips and start mixing.

2. Knead the material with the fingertips until the color is uniform

Flexident Light Body:

1. Pull off the cartridge plug and discard it

2. Eject a small amount of material directly out of the cartridge onto a paper towel/tissue held in your hand. Extrude enough material until it is evident that base and catalyst are being ejected. This ensures proper mixing

3. Immediately wipe the cartridge orifice to remove excess material

4. Attach the selected mixing tip to the cartridge and twist a ¼ turn clock-wise (90°) to lock it in place

5. Push the Oral Tip firmly onto the Mixing Tip

6. Squeeze the trigger with a smooth, steady force to mix and dispense material. Avoid abrupt movements. Release the trigger to stop the flow.

Recommendations for use

Double mix technique

While loading the tray, the dentist may begin to apply the washmaterial around the preparation. Tray loading and application of wash-material around the preparation have to be completed at thesame time. Keep the oral tip immersed in the material at all times to avoid trapping air. Immediately place filled tray into the patient’s mouth. Press for 2 –3 s and hold in position until the material is completely set

Two step technique

If a 2-Step «putty or heavy body /wash technique is used, the primary impression, must be carefully cleaned and dried before use. This will help guarantee good adhesion between the wash (low viscosity material) and tray material.

Disinfection :

The impression should be rinsed under (cold) running tap water after removal from the mouth. After rinsing, disinfection with a suitable commercial dental disinfectant solution will not affect the impression surface or dimensions. Acrylic trays should be protected against water absorption.

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Waldent Flexident Putty

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