Dpi Imprint Alginate Powder

Alginate Powder

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Dpi Imprint Alginate Powder is a high precision alginate impression material used to make precision dental impressions. Dpi Imprint Alginate Powder is a dust free alginate, with normal setting time. It exhibits fast absorption of water and enhances the ease of mix. The final mix of the impression material is a homogenous mass with smooth and compact surfaces. The impression can be stored for a long time before pouring the casts.

Its high precision makes it the ideal choice for dentists specialized in removable prostheses. The extended working time (2 minutes) gives the dentist the possibility to operate in a more precise manner and with greater peace of mind.


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Dpi Imprint 50 Impressions – 750 g



  • A satin textured, micro cellular Alginate powder.
  • Lead free
  • Excellent dimensional stability, fine reproduction.
  • Pleasant and acceptable flavour
  • Ample working time and controlled flow.
  • Made from the best quality/grade of raw material.

Key specification

Key specification

  • Ratio – 15 gm powder : 48 ml water, as per scoops provided
  • Working time at 27° C – approximately 2 minutes from the start of mix.
  • Setting time at 27° C – approximately 2.1/4 minutes.



  • 1 x Dpi Imprint Alginate Powder

Direction to Use

Direction to Use

  • Open the bag and pour the alginate into a hermetically sealed container. It is best to keep the product batch number and expiration date, cutting them from the bag
  • Shake 2 or 3 times to disperse the powder evenly
  • Powder dosing: with the help of a dosing measuring spoon, scoop out the alginate without compressing the powder. Level and remove excess alginate, passing the flat part of the spatula on the spoon and then pour into a rubber mixing bowl.
  • Water dosing : for each level scoop of powder, 1/3 of a measuring cup of  water is necessary. An ideal reading level of the water can be performed by positioning the measuring cup at eye level. When the lower part of the drop (meniscus) is tangent to the notch on the measuring cup, the dose is correct
  • Pour the water* in the powder
  • Start mixing by pressing the material against the sides of the mixing bowl with a hard spatula
  • This procedure must be performed during the mixing time indicated by the manufacturer. Once an even consistency has been obtained, mixing is complete.

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Starting at: 495.00 (-14%)

Dpi Imprint Alginate Powder

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