Woodpecker O Light 1 second Curing Light

Dental LED curing light

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Woodpecker O-Light 1 Second Curing light unit, a product from DTE Woodpecker provides high precision, high intensity focused light for effective polymerization of resin materials containing new style photo-initiators TPO. It is one of the most reliable light cure units and widely accepted by the dentist from all over the world.

  • Woodpecker DTE O-Light 1 Second Curing Light Up To 2300mw/cm²
  • One Sec for Curing: Cure 2mm resin in 1 Second, with maximum light intensity above 2300mw/cm²
  • Constant current output, light intensity will not be weakened with battery consumption, Effectively solidify resin
  • Light hood: Woodpecker light hood is made of selected quality materials, rejecting Blue-ray injury.
  • 5W high-power blue light LED guarantees light intensity output
  • High mode: 2300-2500 mw cm² light intensity, is more suitable for orthodontics, porcelain veneer, and post-core restoration
  • Standard mode: 1000-1200 mw cm², is suitable for general curing
  • Strong penetration, without distance limit
  • Long distance irradiation does not affect Curing effect
  • Flexibility 360° rotation of front connector, easy to reach areas where used to be hard to reach
  • Enable flexible operation in posterior teeth.


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  • Two working modes: HIGH & NORMAL
  • Time Setting:Constant light intensity. Solidification effect is not affected by the consumption of remaining power.
  • O-Light adopts the principle of ray radiation to solidify the light-sensitive resin by shooting at in a short time



  • 1 x  Main Unit of the LED
  • 1 x Light Hood
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 1 x Pedestal Charger
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Direction to Use

Direction to Use


Switch on the LED Light Cure Unit with “Power Button”.


Press the mode button to set the working mode, the corresponding indicator will on, when the mode is set.

Select the appropriate Time/Mode & start using the LED Light for curing.

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4700.007000.00 (-33%)

Woodpecker O Light 1 second Curing Light

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