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Polyether Impression Material

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3M ESPE Impregum Soft Impression Material in tubes form is a complete solution for perfect impression technique. The new polyether chemistry provides optimal rigidity with a neutral taste. Combine these new advantages with the wellknown benefits of Impregum brand impression material from 3M ESPE and you get unmatched accuracy and initial hydrophilicity in three consistencies:

• Light-bodied consistency
• Medium-bodied consistency
• Heavy-bodied consistency

Impregum Soft medium-bodied consistency for the one-step/monophase technique and Impregum Soft heavy bodied/light bodied consistencies for the one step/two viscosity technique.

Indications :

• Crown & Bridge Impressions
• Inlay/Onlay Impressions
• Implant Impressions
• Functional Impressions


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3M Espe Impregum Soft Hand Mix Light Body Refill, 3M Espe Impregum Soft Hand Mix Medium Body Refill



  • Hydrophilic before, during and after the set for unsurpassed accuracy, even in the presence of moisture.
  • Thixotropic: It flows smoothly under pressure in critical areas and remains fixed without pressure.
  • Snap-set properties reduce the potential for distortion during the setting process and removal from the mouth to assure a precise-fitting final restoration.
  • Monophase impression technique: just one viscosity for tray and syringe.
  • Polyether material characteristics guarantee impressions of the highest precision.



  • 2 x 240 ml Base Paste
  • 2 x 30 ml Catalyst Paste
  • Accessories

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Starting at: 4495.00 (-24%)

3M ESPE Impregum Soft - Refills

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