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Zhermack Elite HD+ Soft Fast Set Putty And Cartridge

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Brand: Zhermack

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  • Very high viscosity A-Silicone impression material

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Zhermack Elite Hd+ Light Body Normal Set (Cartridge) (2 X 50 ML) 1820.00 2480.00
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Zhermack Elite Hd+ Soft Putty (2 X 250 ML) 1970.00 5800.00
In Stock
Zhermack Elite Hd+ Putty Soft Normal Set (4 x 450 ML) 7000.00 8500.00
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  • Elite HD+ is an impression material that combines the effects of nanotechnology with hydrocompatibility, thus guaranteeing high performance in a variety of clinical conditions.The Elite HD+ range allows practitioners to choose between normal and fast set materials to suit their clinical needs or personal preferences.Very high viscosity A-Silicone impression material for fixed prostheses.A Zhermack quality guarantee, for over 35 years.ADVANTAGES
    • High deformation strength
    • Excellent elastic recovery
    • High dimensional stability
    • 3-year shelf life
    • Safe disinfection with Zeta 7 Solution and Zeta


    Image Courtesy: Zhermack SpA

  • Hydrocompatibility – Hydrocompatible materials flow readily over the surface of the teeth and along preparation margins, making it possible to capture the details required for an accurate impression.
  • Thixotropy – They flow over the surfaces they are positioned on and do not run once they have been positioned in the patient’s mouth.
  • High tear resistance
  • At least 99% elastic recovery
  • Ideal working time/setting time ratio


Zhermack Elite Hd+ Light Body Normal Set (Cartridge)

  • 2 x 50ml tubes
  • 12 mixing tips

Zhermack Elite Hd+ Putty Soft Normal Set

  • 4 x 450ml Putty Jar (2 base and 2 catalyst)
  • 2 x measuring spoons

Zhermack Elite Hd+ Soft Putty

  • 2 x 250ml Putty Jar (1 base and 1 catalyst)
  • 2 x measuring spoons

Directions To Use

  • All standard and/or special trays can be used, provided they are rigid and non-deformable. The range of Zhermack’s Hi-Tray impression trays are especially recommended. Proper adhesion of the material to the impression tray is essential to avoid errors, especially during removal from the mouth. To ensure a strong bond, make sure that the adhesive is appropriate for the type and material of the tray.
  • Take the 2 components out of the tubs using the colour coded dosing spoons.
  • Mix identical proportions of Base and Catalyst; until you obtain a homogeneous mix, with no streaks (about 30 sec.). Then place into the impression tray.
  • Contact with latex gloves may prevent polysiloxanes from hardening. Avoid direct or indirect contact with latex gloves, Instead, wash your hands well to eliminate all traces of impurities or use vinyl gloves.

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  1. Dr. Sarfaraz Khan

    Excellent Product

    Dr. Sarfaraz Khan

  2. Dr. Nidhi Kapoor

    High dimensional stability. Fast delivery by dental stall

    Dr. Nidhi Kapoor

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